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Today’s Threats Can Really Disrupt Business

As a business professional, it’s your responsibility to protect your company’s digital assets from cybercrime, but the path forward is not always so easy or clear-cut. Without a thorough knowledge and expertise of IT security at your disposal, it can … Read More

IT Support La Jolla, CA

Find The Best IT Solutions and Managed IT Services For Your La Jolla Business If you run or manage a business in La Jolla, CA searching for “IT Support Company Near Me In La Jolla” will yield many results for … Read More

New Android Malware Wants to Spend Your Money

“Wait, I didn’t buy that!” That’s what many smartphone users have been saying lately, as a prevalent strain of Android malware has been infecting devices. The malware is called “toll fraud malware” and it’s been signing users up to services … Read More

Why a Single Sign-On Actually Improves Security

Have you ever wondered how some platforms will only have you log in once for all of your various needs, even though they might be different applications, websites, or services? This is essentially what single sign-on is, and it’s quite … Read More

Tip of the Week: How to Turn Off Sticky Keys

Sticky Keys—the Windows accessibility feature that keeps modifier keys like Shift and Ctrl active after you’ve pressed them—have a legitimate and necessary purpose for some. However, those who don’t need Sticky Keys can find them immensely annoying. Let’s go over … Read More

Can Businesses Still Get Value Out of Tablets?

Remember about a decade ago when all of the tech experts were predicting that most work would be done on a touch-screen device, prompting many professionals to purchase the latest and greatest tablets? Although tablet sales have not kept up … Read More

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