Is it time for your business to implement the highest quality technology support in San Diego?

Discover the benefits of Excedeo’s strategic technology solutions

Hiring an on-staff IT specialist or an in-house IT team can be costly and inefficient.

Many small San Diego businesses choose to go without IT support entirely, risking their company. Excedeo offers decades of experience across the IT industry for a fraction of the cost.

What Sets Us Apart

The first thing we do is listen. Understanding your specific needs helps us craft a personalized technology plan that propels your vision. The goal is to identify issues before they become costly problems and create a strategic IT roadmap that will guide you towards your business goals.

Brilliant People


years of experience

Dedicated Service


certified technicians

End-To-End Value


client satisfaction

Sometimes our clients know what they need—and sometimes they don’t.

Based on their insights, and our experience, client needs fall into key categories:


In our target industries most IT issues are “urgent,” which means next business day isn’t good enough—clients often need immediate or same-day service.


Most San Diego businesses have software solutions and legacy applications that need to be integrated, maintained or replaced. We tackle these issues from the top down and provide custom IT solutions built to optimize your business.


We keep your systems safe and protect you from malware, hackers and viruses.


IT maintenance is ongoing, clients need to know that we’re constantly tracking issues, monitoring trends, performing system analysis and proposing proactive solutions.


Seamless data integration is critical to the success of most businesses. We help clients share data across multiple platforms to improve productivity, gain deeper insights and create a single source of truth. Data you can trust.


We don’t want clients worrying about recurring issues. To prevent this, we conduct root-cause and persistent-issue analysis so we can stop problems where they start.

We save you money on new IT equipment by leveraging our partner relationships and extended key discounts. Get the right stuff at the best price.

What our clients are saying

I wish I had signed up as a customer years ago.

“I decided to give Excedeo a try at the beginning of this year after several years of them trying to get my business. Now I wish I had signed up as a customer years ago. The owner, Mariela Collins, really focuses on processes and customer service and it shows. I really feel like they value my business. What I like the best is that they take the time to understand my business needs. I have old legacy software that other IT consulting companies would not touch. Excedeo used virtualization technology to keep my old legacy software running. Give them a try!!!”
— Mike

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