CMMC Checklist for 2024

The CMMC Checklist is designed to assist defense contractors in understanding and meeting the new regulations imposed by the Department of Defense to safeguard the Defense Industrial Base against cyber threats. We offer defense contractors a concise and straightforward overview of CMMC, its purpose, and practical recommendations for its mandatory adoption.

In this Checklist, You Will Find:

Your Quick CMMC Reference

Emerging Threats

Vulnerabilities in Supply Chains

Evolving Legislation

Q&A on the False Claims Act

President Biden’s Groundbreaking Executive Order

Expanding Scope

What’s New in CMMC?

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Who Should Utilize this Checklist?

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    Individuals preparing for CMMC compliance, particularly those responsible for safeguarding Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). The protection of CUI, even within non-federal systems and organizations, holds significant importance for federal agencies and directly impacts the Federal Government’s ability to carry out its missions and business activities.

    Next Steps:

    The CMMC Companion guide equips anyone dealing with CUI with insights into the historical context, terminology, approach, and future direction of CMMC. Prepare for CMMC compliance by downloading your guide today.

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