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New discoveries mean new rules.

We secure and implement the life sciences IT services you need to achieve success for your San Diego business.

Growth-driven IT strategies

Like other manufacturers, companies that create, test, and distribute pharmaceuticals and other bioscience-related goods need to be efficient to secure the kind of profit share needed to make the endeavor successful. And in the life sciences industry, information technology is essential to every aspect of your business. Equip your organization with proactive strategies designed to protect your data and optimize your systems so you can focus on moving great ideas forward. Whether you are looking to improve your processes or need upgrades to your essential systems, the IT professionals at Excedeo can present your San Diego organization with feature-packed and affordable options that are specifically designed to meet your workplace’s unique needs.

Excedeo delivers the life sciences IT solutions you need

  • Business needs analysis to help you achieve your specific organizational goals—it’s our specialty
  • Technology assessments to develop solutions and support processes that align with your goals
  • Superior MRP support—our experienced staff members are well-versed in managing production planning, scheduling, and inventory control systems

What Sets Us Apart

In the life sciences industry, IT is the backbone of your work. Excedeo will secure and implement the technology your organization needs to boost productivity and achieve success. Let’s build a roadmap →

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Upgrade & Improve Processes & Productivity

Proactively Protect Data & Optimize Systems

Get Feature-Packed, Cost-Effective Options


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What our clients are saying

Knowledgeable & knows my network

“Great engineers, and I love the fact that they are based in San Diego. When I need support, I get an engineer I know is knowledgeable and knows my network. They are great at resolving issues and providing great recommendations.
— Mike