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Often referred to as “the place where the surf meets turf,” Del Mar, CA is famous for its beautiful beaches, world-renowned racetrack, wonderful weather, and upscale living. Incorporated in 1959, the City of Del Mar is a quaint seaside village located just 20 miles north of San Diego. With a population of approximately 4,200 people, and covering just 2.2 square miles, Del Mar is known for its vibrant small-town atmosphere. The community includes retail businesses and restaurants in the downtown area, a small commercial area, and several hotels.

If you are in charge of IT for a Del Mar business, you may be looking to outsource IT support to a local San Diego Area managed service provider (MSP). The IT professionals at Excedeo can present your Del Mar organization with robust and comprehensive managed IT support options that are specifically tailored to meet your Del Mar business’s needs.

Del Mar, CA Businesses Need Top Cybersecurity Support

Small businesses in Del Mar, CA and nationwide are often considered to be “easy targets” by cyber attackers. Attackers often assume—correctly—that small businesses don’t invest in keeping their data secure. What is not widely known is that more than 40% of cyber attacks are initiated against small businesses and that over 60% of small businesses go bust within six months of falling victim to a cyber attack. These numbers are unsurprising when you consider that the average cost of restoring normal operations after a security breach is approximately $955,000. The nature of cyber threats is constantly changing. Hackers adjust their techniques and malicious software is continually updated. That is why businesses in Del Mar and beyond need a multi-layer cybersecurity system. A cybersecurity system starts with a strong defense of the network perimeter, managed firewall, and ongoing network management and inspections. The cybersecurity experts at Excedeo provide comprehensive security measures, giving you the peace of mind that your Del Mar, CA business is protected from cyber attacks. 

3 Reasons To Outsource IT Support in Del Mar, CA:

If you are not sure whether the time is right to outsource IT operations to a managed service provider such as Excedeo, here are a few reasons to consider:

  1. Certified Microsoft Partner: if your Del Mar business runs on the Microsoft platform, outsourcing your IT support to a Microsoft Partner such as Excedeo is a prudent choice. Microsoft partners are not only trained to help you choose the right devices and technology to suit your needs, but also continuously receive the latest information and invest in enhancing their expertise in all Microsoft products. 
  2. 24/7 Support Desk: Cybercriminals don’t limit their attacks to business hours – they can attack your business at any time, and often do so after hours. When you work with an outsourced cybersecurity expert such as Excedeo, the IT team will monitor and protect your network around the clock. Even if your business doesn’t operate 24/7, your employees may be logging in remotely after hours, your vendors or clients may need access to your systems over the weekend. These are just a few of the scenarios in which a dedicated 24/7 support line is a valuable resource.
  3. Proactive Maintenance: Technology is one part of your business where you would rather take proactive measures than react to issues that pop up. The biggest benefit of proactivity in an IT environment is business continuity. You want to keep your business going without any unplanned failures or interruptions. Preventing downtime is one of the keys to success in today’s connected world. Proactive maintenance by a trusted Managed IT Support firm also means that you are getting the technology maintenance you need long before your technology breaks down, something which can save you money in the long and short term. When you take care of your technology, it lasts longer, meaning you have to replace it less frequently.

Most Popular IT Support Services in Del Mar, CA

When crafting an IT roadmap for Del Mar businesses, we’ll start with getting to know your business, your goals, and your budget. Keeping those things top of mind, we’ll craft a plan to help you improve productivity and communication for your staff, keep your data secure from cyber threats and natural disasters, and plan for your financial future. You’ll save time and gain confidence with smart IT solutions delivered when and how you need them. At Excedeo, we’re on a mission to exceed your expectations.

Our full suite of Del Mar managed IT services includes:


We keep you safe from security threats, identifying and fixing concerns before they become issues. Rest easy with Excedeo.

Managed IT

More productivity, less disruption. 24/7/365 maintenance and monitoring at a flat monthly rate. We’ve got you covered.

Cloud Computing

Adapt to change and get ready to scale with increased accessibility, storage and data protection. The cloud’s the limit.

IT Support

Service when and how you need it. Hands-on technical support services to ensure business continuity and increase uptime.

Data Protection

Proactive strategies and solutions designed to ensure your vital data is both secure and accessible. We’ve got your back.

Virtual CIO

We work together to align your business strategy with your information technology goals and craft a roadmap for success.


Expertise in HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ITAR. You’ll meet and exceed compliance criteria, mitigate risk & maximize productivity.

Other Solutions

Additional IT services and solutions designed to support and scale your business. VoIP, web design, mobile forms and more.

Trust Excedeo With IT Support Needs Near You in Del Mar, CA and Beyond

If you aren’t already taking a proactive approach with your Del Mar business’ technology, then chances are you might be feeling pressured by countless operational problems that get in the way of productivity and effective budgeting. You need your technology to work for you—not the other way around. We’re experts at Del Mar IT Support and at keeping you running and ensuring your business processes are running smoothly and without unnecessary interruptions. Whether you run a medical office, a professional services firm, a startup or a manufacturing facility, we have an IT solution for you!


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