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Excedeo has been providing managed IT services in Mission Valley, CA since 2003. Excedeo was founded on one guiding principle: to keep clients focused on their business, not their technology. Over the years, we have developed processes and streamlined workflows to build on that founding philosophy. If your Mission Valley business is ready for professional IT assistance from an established local company with an excellent reputation, we invite you to consider Excedeo.

About Mission Valley, CA

Mission Valley was the site of the first Spanish settlement in California, established in 1769. Today, Mission Valley is considered one of the best places to live in California, and serves as an important shopping and entertainment center for San Diego. The area is divided into Mission Valley East and Mission Valley West by State Route 163 and is centered around the San Diego River. Residents of Mission Valley are never far from shopping, entertainment, transportation, or work. With a growing population and a central location, Mission Valley is also home to many businesses, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, research & development, government contractors and more. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Managed IT Company For Your Mission Valley Business

If you own or manage a business in Mission Valley, you may be ready to outsource IT operations to a service provider. But how do you choose the right IT partner for your business? When evaluating managed IT, service providers, in Mission Valley, CA, consider the following factors:

  1. Experience

    Once you narrow down your options based on the specific services you need, look for an established business. Find a company that has operated locally in Mission Valley or the greater San Diego area for at least a few years.

  2. A Proactive Approach

    At a busy, growing company, often the temptation is to only fix technology when it is not working. Too many companies wait until something breaks before pausing everything to fix the issue. We call that “fighting fires.” Instead, look for a managed IT support company that will use a proactive approach when assessing your IT needs. 

  3. The Right Tools

    Make sure the IT support company utilizes tools that can benefit your business. For example, you might want to find a company that uses remote monitoring and management tools. These tools will ensure your IT infrastructure receives attention 24/7.

  4. Fast Service and Response Time

    It’s not enough to find an experienced IT services company. Ask each company how big their team is, and how many clients they currently service. That will help you understand their bandwidth and availability to help you and your employees when needed. If your employees are fighting with technology, they can’t get their jobs done. The right IT partner will be available 24/7 to assist your employees.

  5. Local On-Site Maintenance and Support

    Make sure you choose a vendor that is available for onsite support. Using a local provider helps ensure you receive the best service. Many businesses offer IT solutions in Mission Valley, CA, but are not located in or near Mission Valley. Some IT providers are located offshore, while others are out-of-state providers with just a “virtual office” near Mission Valley.  Choosing an IT partner that is physically located near you in Mission Valley, CA will give you a greater comfort level and confidence.  

Featured Managed IT Services in Mission Valley

With over 20 years of experience providing IT Support in San Diego and nearby areas, Excedeo knows and understands the needs of Mission Valley businesses. To that end, we provide a full suite of managed IT solutions to keep your business running smoothly, from regular data backups and cybersecurity best practices to selecting and installing new software, ensuring that your business is in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOC, or ITAR. We power your tech journey in Mission Valley, CA with a strategic IT roadmap to keep you moving toward your business goals.


We keep you safe from security threats, identifying and fixing concerns before they become issues. Rest easy with Excedeo.

Managed IT

More productivity, less disruption. 24/7/365 maintenance and monitoring at a flat monthly rate. We’ve got you covered.

Cloud Computing

Adapt to change and get ready to scale with increased accessibility, storage and data protection. The cloud’s the limit.

IT Support

Service when and how you need it. Hands-on technical support services to ensure business continuity and increase uptime.

Data Protection

Proactive strategies and solutions designed to ensure your vital data is both secure and accessible. We’ve got your back.

Virtual CIO

We work together to align your business strategy with your information technology goals and craft a roadmap for success.


Expertise in HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ITAR. You’ll meet and exceed compliance criteria, mitigate risk & maximize productivity.

Other Solutions

Additional IT services and solutions designed to support and scale your business. VoIP, web design, mobile forms and more.

Trust Excedeo With All Your IT Support Needs

Excedeo is a leading provider of managed IT services and support solutions for Mission Valley businesses.

As a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), our suite of scalable solutions covers everything from servers and network infrastructure to computers, workstations, and mobile devices—providing adaptable, stress-free end-to-end solutions regardless of your business model.

Our smart design and passion for helping growth-stage organizations allow us to offer enterprise-level solutions at prices that work for small to medium-sized businesses in Mission Valley and beyond.

While most MSPs offer similar services, our thoughtful, human-centered approach sets us apart. We pride ourselves in being more than just a service provider; we’re a proactive solution integrator. This means looking holistically at your business to ensure IT objectives are fully aligned with your business strategy, so you can maximize the value of your investment and be ready to scale. 

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