Find The Best IT Solutions and Managed IT Services For Your Sorrento Valley Business

Sorrento Valley is an exciting place to start and grow business. There are biotech companies looking to move to or expand to the Sorrento Valley area from other states and even from overseas. Approximately $6.5 billion of venture and corporate capital flowed into San Diego in 2021, with the biotech industry leading the pack. Sorrento Valley is at the epicenter of this biotech boom in San Diego. At Excedeo, we are proud to be a trusted IT partner for biotech firms and other Sorrento Valley businesses. If your business needs reliable, knowledgeable and experienced Sorrento Valley Managed Service Provider (MSP), look no further than Excedeo. Since 2003 years, our San Diego IT Support company has helped businesses of all sizes to design, implement and maintain IT systems for their organizations. 

The Exciting Business Climate of Sorrento Valley, 92121

Sorrento Valley is known as a center for high tech, biotech and scientific research, aided by its close proximity to the University of California, San Diego. The area is roughly bounded by Interstate 5 and Interstate 805, Camino Santa Fe to the east, the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve to the north and Miramar Road to the south. Anchored by the recently re-developed University Towne Centre regional mall and an extension of the San Diego Trolley line, the Golden Triangle area continues to evolve. San Diego is exploding with new life science companies formation and biotech companies looking to move to or expand in San Diego from China, Northern California, and other states…even Texas! Beyond being a proven top market in the US for biotech business activity, this recent explosion of the sector is fueled by venture and corporate capital investment. It’s an exciting time to run a business in Sorrento Valley, whether you manage an R&D lab, a manufacturing facility, or any other type of organization.

Life Sciences IT Support Services in Sorrento Valley, CA

As any growing business, a Sorrento Valley based life sciences company needs to plan for the future. Whether your employes are working in the lab, the office, or logging in remotely from home or from your company’s other locations, a secure and reliable IT infrastructure is key to running your operations smoothly. And in the life sciences industry, information technology is essential to every aspect of your business. Life sciences companies require different IT solutions and skill sets than those needed by other industries. Compliance is one example of a unique challenge for IT providers in the life sciences industry. Excedeo has served emerging and mid-sized life sciences companies through all phases of growth since 2003. Our compliance services are scalable and customized to the needs of your organization. We secure and implement the life sciences IT services you need to achieve success for your San Diego business with our Life Sciences It Support, Healthcare IT Support, and Business Services IT Support solutions. Our full suite of managed IT services in Sorrento Valley includes:


We keep you safe from security threats, identifying and fixing concerns before they become issues. Rest easy with Excedeo.

Managed IT

More productivity, less disruption. 24/7/365 maintenance and monitoring at a flat monthly rate. We’ve got you covered.

Cloud Computing

Adapt to change and get ready to scale with increased accessibility, storage and data protection. The cloud’s the limit.

IT Support

Service when and how you need it. Hands-on technical support services to ensure business continuity and increase uptime.

Data Protection

Proactive strategies and solutions designed to ensure your vital data is both secure and accessible. We’ve got your back.

Virtual CIO

We work together to align your business strategy with your information technology goals and craft a roadmap for success.


Expertise in HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ITAR. You’ll meet and exceed compliance criteria, mitigate risk & maximize productivity.

Other Solutions

Additional IT services and solutions designed to support and scale your business. VoIP, web design, mobile forms and more.

3 Reasons To Outsource IT Support in Sorrento Valley, CA:

If you are not yet outsourcing IT operations to a managed service provider in Sorrento Valley, here are a few reasons to consider outsourcing soon:

  1. Leaner Staff: One of the major advantages of choosing an outsourced IT provider is access to a large pool of technical knowledge. If you are hiring IT personnel in-house, you may only be able to afford one or a few IT staff. With a managed service provider (MSP) such as Excedeo, on the other hand, you will benefit from the availability and experience of a much larger staff of technical experts, without the overhead expense of building a complete IT department in-house.
  2. Microsoft Partner: if your Sorrento Valley business runs on the Microsoft platform, Microsoft Partners such as Excedeo are trained to help you choose the right devices and technology to suit your needs. Working with a Microsoft Partner enables you to drive a better return on existing and new IT investments. Microsoft Partners are trained to expertly examine your business needs and recommend solutions that deliver tangible benefits, whatever the size of your organization.
  3. Streamlined Vendor Management: A managed services provider can interface with vendors on behalf of your Sorrento Valley company. These vendors could be:
  • Antivirus
  • Email Security
  • Off-Site Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Broadband Internet
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Telecomms
  • Web Hosting

The MSP will serve as the main point of contact for these third parties, escalate issues to the appropriate vendor and track the process through to resolution. Outsourcing vendor management to an MSP such as Excedeo removes the headache of working with multiple vendors. 

Trust Excedeo With IT Support Needs Near You in Sorrento Valley and Beyond

Don’t let IT problems hold back your Sorrento Valley business from running smoothly and meeting business milestones. Excedeo’s Cloud Computing will help you adapt to change and scale with increased accessibility, storage, and data protection. Imagine expanding your company’s capabilities without having to purchase, run, or maintain expensive hardware in your office. From increased cybersecurity and disaster recovery to cloud migration and data protection, our enterprise-level expertise keeps you at the leading edge of your Sorrento Valley business. Our proactive strategic approach to managed IT support allows you to make innovative leaps.

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