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How is IT support in Kearney Mesa different from other IT support services? Why seek out a local IT services expert near Kearney Mesa? We consider Kearney Mesa a vital part of the San Diego economy, as the area is recognized as an important area for aeronautical research, design, and manufacturing companies, as well as defense and electronics companies. A top business community deserves the best managed IT service provider located within easy reach of Kearny Mesa, and available for on-site visits. You need your technology to work for you—not the other way around. Excedeo has been providing managed IT support services since 2003, and we understand what it takes to support Kearny Mesa businesses with their IT needs, 24/7/365.

Kearny Mesa Businesses 

Kearny Mesa is a small community with big plans and a bright future in San Diego. With a population of 10,996, the community is safe and diverse. While a majority of the Kearny Mesa area is commercial and industrial, local businesses still thrive in this small community. The area is named after the military governor of California, General Stephen W. Kearny and former Camp Kearny, a military base which operated from 1917 to 1946 and later became the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Development in Kearny Mesa has been shaped by its role as a major industrial and commercial center with a general aviation airport. Since the early 1960s much of San Diego’s base

sector economy activity has been generated in Kearny Mesa. What began with the manufacturing of Atlas rockets at General Dynamics’ Astronautics plant led to an era when thousands of San Diegans produced some of this country’s most high-tech products such as aerospace parts, semi-conductors, microelectronics, electronic components, avionics computer parts, equipment, and machinery. Kearny Mesa continues to be recognized as an important area for aeronautical research, design, and manufacturing companies, as well as defense and electronics companies.


During the 1970s and 1980s, Kearny Mesa evolved from a primarily industrial manufacturing and distributing center to an industrial, office, and retail center, and is now one of San Diego’s largest job centers. Its contiguous lands for industrial employment offer significant advantages in

attracting a large workforce and providing a centrally-located area in the City where businesses

can collocate, succeed, and grow. Global corporations and companies like Cubic Corp.,

Kyocera, Raytheon, and Solar Turbines continue to contribute millions of dollars annually in taxes as well as providing thousands of essential middle-income jobs. Therefore, San Diego’s economy relies on the presence of industry in Kearny Mesa as a major part of the City’s economic base.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Managed IT Company For Your Kearny Mesa Business

If you own or manage a business in Kearny Mesa, you may be ready to outsource IT operations to a managed service provider. But how do you choose the right IT partner for your business? When evaluating managed IT service providers in Kearny Mesa, CA, consider the following factors:

1. Experience:

Once you narrow down your options based on the specific services you need, look for an established business. Find a company that has operated locally in Kearny Mesa or the greater San Diego area for at least a few years.

2. Reputation:

with so many IT support companies in the San Diego area, how do you choose the best one? Testimonials and reviews are very helpful in identifying not only each potential service provider’s reputation, but the specific likes and dislikes of their customers. 

3. Availability 24/7:

No matter what kind of business you have, you’ll benefit from having an IT support team that’s available 24/7. This is especially important for businesses that operate at all hours of the day because a technology problem can arise at any time.

4. Compliance Experience:

many businesses in Kearny Mesa require specific expertise with compliance solutions for their industry, such as healthcare. When choose your IT services partner, leverage our expertise in HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ITAR compliance. Excedeo is well-versed in policy requirements, and we help businesses meet and exceed these criteria in order to become leaders in the industry. Our compliance services are scalable and customized to the needs of your organization.

5. Truly Local:

Many businesses offer IT solutions in Kearny Mesa, CA, but are not located in or near Kearny Mesa. Some IT providers are located offshore, while others are out-of-state providers with just a “virtual office” near Kearny Mesa. Choosing an IT partner that is physically located near you in Kearny Mesa, CA will give you a greater comfort level and confidence. Excedeo is conveniently located at 3549 Camino del Rio S, San Diego, CA 92108, within easy reach of Kearny Mesa. We regularly visit our customers and they know that yes, we are truly local. 

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Featured Managed IT Services in Kearny Mesa

With over 20 years of experience providing IT Support in and near San Diego, Excedeo knows and understands the specific needs of Kearny Mesa businesses. To that end, we provide a full suite of managed IT solutions to keep your business running smoothly, from regular data backups and cybersecurity best practices, to selecting and installing new software, ensuring that your business is in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOC, or ITAR. We power your tech journey in Kearny Mesa, CA with a strategic IT roadmap to keep you moving toward your business goals.



We keep you safe from security threats, identifying and fixing concerns before they become issues. Rest easy with Excedeo.

Managed IT

More productivity, less disruption. 24/7/365 maintenance and monitoring at a flat monthly rate. We’ve got you covered.

Cloud Computing

Adapt to change and get ready to scale with increased accessibility, storage and data protection. The cloud’s the limit.

IT Support

Service when and how you need it. Hands-on technical support services to ensure business continuity and increase uptime.

Data Protection

Proactive strategies and solutions designed to ensure your vital data is both secure and accessible. We’ve got your back.

Virtual CIO

We work together to align your business strategy with your information technology goals and craft a roadmap for success.


Expertise in HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ITAR. You’ll meet and exceed compliance criteria, mitigate risk & maximize productivity.

Other Solutions

Additional IT services and solutions designed to support and scale your business. VoIP, web design, mobile forms and more.

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Excedeo has extensive experience in providing IT infrastructure support to customers across all vertical markets. Our customer-focused methodology complements our deep understanding of the business services, governance, and regulatory requirements for SOX and HIPAA compliance.

Our smart design and passion for helping growth-stage organizations allow us to offer enterprise-level solutions at prices that work for small to medium-sized businesses in Kearny Mesa and beyond.

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