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Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits that VoIP Offers

Communications are critical for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and their telephone systems. While the technology likely still plays some role in your office, other means of communication have likely come to the forefront. In some ways, the … Read More

Office 365

OFFICE 365 Best-in-class business suite made better with the cloud   If you rely on business applications to simplify daily work processes and boost organization productivity, you have come to the right place. Office 365 from Excedeo gives you industry-leading … Read More

Look Outside Your Business to Get the Help You Need

There are countless moving parts to any successful business, and smaller companies often have the issue of their employees juggling multiple different tasks and wearing all kinds of different hats in addition to their outlined job duties and responsibilities. You … Read More

What Is An MSP?

What Is An MSP (Managed Service Provider)? You may have heard the term ‘MSP’ and wondered what exactly it means. The abbreviation MSP stands for ‘managed service provider’. It refers to a concept in which businesses outsource certain services to … Read More

Is Your Business Equipped for Modern Collaboration?

Saving on capital expenditures is the successful business owner’s superpower. Today, a lot of the strategic cost-cutting that is being done is through collaboration. When you increase the productivity of your staff, you can do more with less. Let’s look … Read More

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