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10 Signs That It’s Time for a UPS Battery Replacement

Network uptime is critical for any business. Business disruptions are not just an inconvenience for customers. Real-world incidents such as fire and flood, or digital threats like malware attacks or coding errors can damage the company brand. An essential component … Read More

How to Make a QR Code in Google Chrome

QR codes have cemented themselves as one of the most common technologies used to direct people to important resources or information about goods or services provided by an organization or company. You see them on menus in restaurants, instruction booklets, … Read More

How to Ensure Remote Work Remains Productive

Remote work on a widespread scale was introduced in less-than-optimal circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that today’s businesses shouldn’t use it to their full advantage. Let’s discuss the situation at hand, more specifically, a few ways you and your organization … Read More

Update Your Business Continuity Plan for 2023

A business continuity plan is one of those topics that is frustrating to confront. It’s not terribly interesting and has very little practical value in the context of day-to-day operations, but it is intrinsically important to the sustainability of any … Read More

Despite Rough Waters, Expect More AI in 2023

There’s no denying that the economic forecast at the moment is a bit bleak, with murmurings of a recession growing louder by the day. As this situation develops, many companies are likely seeking out opportunities to trim the fat. Despite … Read More

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