3 Communications Tools Your Business Can Really Benefit From

Digital communication is an important part of running any business, so you need to do your part by equipping your employees with the tools they need to communicate effectively both in and out of the workplace. Here are three of the most effective tools we have found which enable your business to flourish.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the most popular communication tools out there, and for good reason. VoIP uses your company’s bandwidth to run a telephone system. This frees your business from relying on your traditional telephone company’s services, and in return you get a system that is better in just about every way for a fraction of the cost. It’s a simple and beneficial solution that just makes sense to implement.

You first need to determine if VoIP is appropriate for your business, as well as whether or not you’ll need more bandwidth to facilitate this change. Some companies have a backup broadband connection just in case their primary service goes down for whatever reason. VoIP is generally offered as a service, so you pay for the number of accounts you need on a per-month basis. You only pay for the accounts and the hardware they’ll be hosted on, and the handsets if you need them. With easy mobile applications and desktop software, you can use any device to make or receive calls, and it saves your business countless dollars in the process.

Thanks to effective scalability, high-quality calling, and a robust array of features, VoIP can make a major difference for just about any business.

Social Intranet

A social intranet solution can also be an effective tool to increase collaboration in the workplace and beyond. A social intranet allows your team to share files seamlessly, making it easier than ever to work together even when separated or working remotely. Your social intranet solution will be tied to a central repository of data, and through integrations with various third-party apps, you can facilitate effective collaboration.

These applications also often come with integrated communication tools like instant messaging, forums, VoIP, or video conferencing tools that make meetings a breeze. Just like Hosted VoIP, these intranet solutions are generally offered as a service, so you can reap a substantial amount of value through smart implementation. Furthermore, cloud-based productivity apps provide your employees with anywhere-anytime access to these solutions on approved devices.

Video Conferencing

One major shift in business communications came about as a result of the COVID pandemic: video conferencing. While it certainly existed prior to the pandemic, COVID made video conferencing platforms a necessity for any company looking to keep operations running while remote. Furthermore, advancements in video and audio conferencing have dramatically increased the quality of these services and solutions, and mobile devices have made them more available than ever before.

These technology solutions might make all the difference for your operations moving forward. Do you need assistance with implementing any of the above technology solutions? Excedeo, a top San Diego IT Support Service, can help. To learn more, reach out to us at 619-776-3032.