Closing the Book on 2023: IT Trends That Defined the Year

As we near the end of 2023, Excedeo is here to guide you through the biggest trends affecting IT. At Excedeo, we’re not just your run-of-the-mill IT support pros; we’re your technology trendwatchers, with an ear to the ground and our keyboards at the ready. We understand that technology trends and advancements can significantly impact businesses and organizations, shaping the way they operate, compete, and succeed. From cybersecurity challenges to the rise of AI and remote work optimization, let’s review the biggest trends that shaped the IT landscape in 2023. 

  1. Cybersecurity Continues to Be On Everyone’s Mind

With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, cybersecurity remains a top concern for businesses of all sizes. In 2023, we saw a continued focus on enhancing cybersecurity measures. This includes investing in advanced threat detection tools, implementing zero-trust security frameworks, and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. 

The number of cybersecurity breaches is still staggering, with Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing bearing the biggest burden. For instance, Boeing suffered a cyber incident that impacted elements of its parts and distribution business. Even companies developing security solutions are not immune to attacks: identity services provider Okta disclosed a new security incident that allowed unidentified threat actors to leverage stolen credentials to access its support case management system. Biotech company 23andMe also suffered a data breach, whereby customer accounts were broken into with a credential-stuffing attack. It is estimated that cybercrime will cost the world $8 Trillion in 2023

Excedeo’s Expert Tip: Regular cybersecurity audits and employee training can help your organization stay resilient in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.

  1. 2023, The Year of Generative AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was by far the biggest buzzword in 2023, and it’s not just ChatGPT. Amid recent advances, AI has risen from a topic relegated to tech employees to a focus of company leaders. The recent buzz around generative AI has been driven by the simplicity of new user interfaces for creating high-quality text, graphics and videos in a matter of seconds. The expected business disruption from generative AI is significant. Businesses are leveraging AI for data analysis, customer support, and even predictive maintenance. As AI becomes more accessible, organizations that harness its power will have a competitive advantage.

Excedeo’s Expert Tip: Consider integrating AI-driven solutions into your IT infrastructure to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences.

  1. Return to the Office

In 2023, we saw a large portion of employees returning to the office. 90% of companies say they’ll return to the office by the end of 2024Google is factoring employees’ in-office attendance into their performance reviews. However, Even as large firms on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley consider a full return to in-person work, workplace experts agree that most organizations will stick with the post-pandemic norm of spending two to three days per week in the office. This means a hybrid policy, and companies are investing in technologies that foster collaboration, ensure data security, and promote employee well-being. Cloud-based communication tools, virtual private networks (VPNs), and secure file-sharing platforms will be essential for the hybrid model to be successful.

Excedeo’s Expert Tip: Tailor your hybrid or remote work strategy to your organization’s unique needs and ensure your IT infrastructure can support remote employees effectively.

Excedeo is your trusted partner in navigating these trends, providing expert guidance and tailored IT solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs. Whether it’s strengthening your cybersecurity defenses, implementing AI-driven solutions, optimizing remote work capabilities, or embracing sustainability, Excedeo is here to ensure that your IT infrastructure aligns with the demands of the digital age. Stay ahead of the curve with Excedeo. Contact us today to get started!