4 Cloud Options that Can Work for Any Business

With cloud computing working wonders for small and medium-sized businesses of all types, you may gain confidence in finding hosted platforms that can help your business. Make no mistake about it, the cloud can work for your business in one way or another. This week, let’s go through how cloud options can help you improve your business’ computing.  

Before we get into our four tools your business should be looking to utilize in the cloud, we should mention that any type of computing your organization might need can be acquired nowadays in the cloud. With options from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and more, you can now spin up anything from hosted desktops to full-scale big data analytics to artificial intelligence platforms in the cloud. Most businesses won’t need the huge resource-intensive platforms, but can certainly use the following four:

Digital Infrastructure

For years, only enterprises were able to take advantage of cloud computing on this scale due to enormous data costs that came with it. Today, cloud infrastructure is much more inexpensive and robust. Not only have many of the data security questions been answered, organizations can get tools they simply couldn’t afford to deploy in the cloud. It makes it a very attractive solution for any startup or small business. 

Office Suites

Business is always in need of “office” software. That means a robust word processor, a spreadsheet program, a presentation tool, and more. Today, there are several productivity suite options that present these programs and much more. Hosted in the cloud, businesses can not only get the productivity software they need, they can get them integrated into their scheduling, email, and other communications tools. 

Robust Communications

Speaking of communications, today’s communications software is extremely important. This is doubly true for organizations that use remote employees. Cloud-based email, video conferencing, and telephone services (Voice over Internet Protocol) are just a few options that allow your company to better collaborate, communicate internally and with customers, and even handle some of the day-to-day support of your business. 


Every business needs data storage, and if you choose to utilize cloud-structured storage, you get added redundancy built in. The best part of any cloud service is that you can get the computing you need without wasting any. This is no different with data storage. You can scale to need on demand, giving you a cost-effective option to be able to do more. 

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