5 Ways an IT Services Provider in San Diego Can Protect Your Business Against Malware

IT services San DiegoPartnering with an IT services provider in San Diego can play a crucial role in keeping your business safe against malware threats in the workplace. Malware can infect your computers due to a variety of reasons, whether an employee accidentally downloads a malicious email attachment or if an employee visits an unsafe website. Staying proactive against these threats is essential in limiting downtime and protecting your company against data breaches.

Here are five ways an IT service provider can protect your company against malware threats:

1. Enforce Strict Password PEnforolicies

One of the most effective ways to keep your accounts secure is to ensure employees use complex passwords while never using the same password for multiple accounts. Strong passwords make it much more difficult for cybercriminals to access confidential information. Using a password manager is also a great option for multiple accounts.

2.Limit Access to Non-Work Related Websites

Many times a malware infection happens due to an employee visiting an unsecured website. However, an IT service provider can limit access to non-work related sites through web-monitoring services. This is a great way to boost employee productivity while also keeping your business safe against malware.

3. Keep Hardware and Software Up to Date

Keeping your computer operating system and software up to date isn’t easy for most employees due to the steady stream of new updates. An IT services provider in San Diego can automatically apply these updates outside of business hours to limit any disruptions while also keeping your company protected.

4. Use Anti-Virus & Malware Programs

Installing antivirus and malware programs on each computer is essential in keeping your business safe against malware threats. These programs can automatically scan your computer files each day for additional protection. An IT provider can also monitor your network at all times for any signs of malicious activity.

5. Stay Aware of “Malvertising”

Many ads automatically play while you are viewing a website, which can negatively impact the performance of a computer. Ensuring your browser disables ads from auto-running is essential in limiting these annoying ads from automatically running while you are on the internet.

Finding ways to keep your entire computer system well-protected against malware is essential in today’s age of digital threats. Excedeo is a company that offers IT services in San Diego. Our goal is always to give you the best protection against cyber threats while always staying proactive. Reach out to our IT team if you ever have any questions.