5 Significant Benefits of Having an IT Pro Customize Your Cloud Apps

5 Significant Benefits of Having an IT Pro Customize Your Cloud Apps

Cloud adoption is nearly 100% now with businesses of all sizes realizing the cost savings and productivity improvements when they move to a cloud-based work process.

While cloud applications are designed to make user adoption as fluid as possible, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to put some time and thought into customizations and integrations with other cloud apps that you use.

If you’re using a cloud solution like Office 365 with its “out of the box” settings, you’re missing big opportunities to gain a competitive edge and streamline your workflows and could be leaving major features unused.

As an example, certain Office 365 subscriptions include a document handling feature called sensitivity labels. This can save organizations several hours per week trying to classify documents to protect sensitive information from being compromised or accidentally shared.

But, if you aren’t aware of the feature or how to set it up, you may be doing things the hard way instead of utilizing a technology solution that you’re already paying for with your subscription.

Cost Saving Advantages of Cloud Platform Customization

If the first step to a digital transformation is moving from static on-premises processes to cloud-based ones, then the second step would be optimizing your use of the cloud through app personalization that tailors the application to your organization’s distinct needs.

At Excedeo, we view IT management as a true partnership where business owners can rely on us to provide both expert advice and guidance in all things technology related. This includes looking at the capabilities of the cloud-based tools they’re using and making them fit their needs like a glove.

Here are several of the ways that customization of your cloud platforms, like Office 365, Salesforce, G Suite, and others can mean significant benefits for your company.

Replace Inefficient Workflows with Automated Ones

There are a number of workflows that involve manual tasks. These can include the need to physically move data from one platform to another or place access permissions at a file folder level.

Not only do manual tasks take up valuable time, they also lead to more errors than automated processes.

The accuracy rate for automated data entry is 99.99% as compared to 96% for manual entry.

Through custom integrations and automations, data entry from one platform to another can be automated, saving time and improving data accuracy.

Improve Your Data Security

Data breaches and cyberattacks remain a top concern for companies. But many aren’t fully exploring customizations in their cloud apps that could improve their IT security posture.

Many cloud services offer the ability to enact custom security policies for things like user logins and document handling, both of which can improve data and network security while reducing the time it takes to administer security policies.

Features like multi-factor authentication can significantly reduce the risk of a credential-related data breach, but it’s not generally turned on by default and is a custom setting.

Improve User Productivity

By putting simple strategies in place that make data accessible where you need it in tools like Office 365 or G suite, you can shave minutes off of multiple workflows throughout the day, improving user productivity.

An IT pro can take a look at things that are hanging your users up and taking the most time in their daily tasks and then implement solutions through cloud service customizations that address those barriers and streamline processes.

One example of this would be to set up an automated document approval in a project management application like Asana. Integrating things like alerts and one-click approval systems can reduce bottlenecks in your processes.

Industry Specific Additions

If you’re an accounting firm, you’re going to have different cloud process needs than an online retailer, yet there may be some overarching tools you use that are similar for things like document creation.

When customizing your use of cloud apps, often an add-on can be integrated into a platform you may already be using to support industry-specific needs and that will save you from having to adopt an entirely new platform to gain a specific feature needed for your work process.

Adding Capabilities Without Big Added Costs

One mistake that companies often make is to purchase a new cloud subscription for their users for a specific need that could’ve been filled with a customization of their current cloud solution.

For example, a company that’s using a CRM, may want to switch their phones to an internet-based system. They end up signing up for an entirely new cloud service, without realizing that a customization would’ve enabled VoIP calling from within their CRM for less cost and better integration with customer tickets.

If you’re not having cloud solutions tailored, you could easily end up paying more than you need to in monthly cloud subscriptions and have more tools to deal with than you actually need.

Take Control of Your Cloud Solutions

Get the most out of your cloud platforms by working with Excedeo to customize them to meet your workflow and security needs perfectly.

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