COVID 19 and IT Services in San Diego: What the Future Holds

IT services San DiegoThe coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in business. With technology being the only lifeline for survival, businesses have been forced to optimize, modernize, and double their IT capabilities.

After the immediate danger subsides, SMBs and enterprises shall have to count the costs. We have been closely watching the changing landscape of IT services in San Diego, and we want to share our thoughts on what the future could look like.

Continuous Modernization

Remote working has forced many organizations to modernize workflows. Even small businesses have migrated or switched to hybrid and cloud-based solutions. Remote working, though challenging, has revealed many hidden advantages from high productivity to cost reductions.

Organizations will want to sustain the momentum after the pandemic. The demand for virtual servers, SaaS solutions, and collaboration platforms will continue to sore to support distributed teams. Companies that go through with full cloud migrations and cloud performance optimization could see their profit margins rise. As it is right now, the cloud holds the promise of availability, scalability, and continuity in case another pandemic strikes.

Keeping It BYOD

BYOD had a 60% adoption rate before the COVID 19 pandemic. In the era of remote working, employees have had to accomplish projects from their home devices. Companies have invested substantially in BYOD security controls, including firewalls and VPNs, and VDIs.

A sudden switch to standard hardware after the pandemic could significantly risk security and productivity. Businesses are likely to keep it BOYD in the long run. IT services providers in San Diego can help with BYOD security and compliance as employees continue to take advantage of mobility for flexibility and higher productivity.

Staying Current with Technology

Social distance and remote working demands have led to stressed bandwidths and spotty connections. In the post-pandemic world, the demand for faster network performance may persist in the face of increased demand for mobility and automation.

5G networks and WiFi 6 may materialize sooner with increased adoption from businesses that want to ramp up productivity to fill revenue gaps. Businesses will rely more on these super-fast networks to be build resilience (against future pandemics) with IoT and AI.


The pandemic has been a learning experience when it comes to cybersecurity. In the early days of the pandemic, data breaches hit a record high. Businesses quickly realized the need to invest in the right capabilities, get the right teams on board, and create and implement the right policies.

Still, businesses shall have the cost after the pandemic abates. Investments will have to be made to seal vulnerabilities exposed by the pandemic and build resilience.

In short, we believe that the fallout from COVID-19 is rapidly ushering the world to a new future. At Excedeo, we provide leading-edge IT services for San Diego businesses. Consult with us for strategies and services to bolster your IT infrastructure on all fronts in readiness for the post-pandemic world.