Fixing Computer Problems: When to Reboot and Ask for Help from IT Services Experts in San Diego

IT services San DiegoEvery computer eventually presents technical issues. Many times, the simple solution to fixing computer problems is to reboot. Here’s a look at when it saves money and time to reboot, and when you should seek the help of IT services experts in San Diego.

Why Rebooting Is the Universal Fix

Rebooting as a solution to technical problems pertains to all computing devices. The similar term “resetting” is applied to wireless routers and other electronic devices. The concept also applies to software in the sense that you can often resolve latency by exiting and relaunching a computer program.

The “blue screen of death” problem with Windows systems is often due to a hardware malfunction. When this issue arises, the system shuts down and reboots automatically, which usually restores the software to normal behavior. Later versions of Windows are better at dealing with errors. In the XP era, by contrast, the system would’ve frozen when the graphics driver crashed.

The reason Windows restarts instead of fixes errors is due to code limitations or vulnerabilities that prevent the system from continuing. It doesn’t know how to fix the problem, so it just shuts down and restarts. By setting the code back to its beginning, there’s a chance it won’t encounter the problem again.

Beyond the Mystique and Magic of Rebooting

It’s a good idea for business administrators who manage computing systems to understand when rebooting is necessary and when it’s time to call on IT service professionals in San Diego for help. It’s also helpful to know when technical issues can be fixed without a restart.

When Windows slows down, it could mean a program is using too much computing power, which drains resources. In the event a browser is causing latency, it could mean the browser is consuming too much memory. Firefox and other browsers are known for memory leaks that cause slowdowns. Internet and Wi-Fi disruptions can further complicate normal operations. In each of these cases, a reboot is the best remedy. Mobile devices allow for two types of resets, which are “soft” and “hard.” Soft resets simply involve turning a device off then on again. A hard reset means returning the system to its original factory default configurations. If this task or any other solution seems complicated, turn it over to the IT experts.


Many times a computer problem can be fixed quickly with a simple reboot. Other times it’s necessary to consult IT services experts in San Diego when resets fail to fix the problem. Contact us at Excedeo to learn more about making your business technology more smooth and seamless.