Gain More Opportunities with VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems, better known as VoIP, has completely changed the way that businesses communicate both internally with their teams and externally with their clients and customers. It’s not difficult to see why, but to understand the value that it brings to the table might require you to examine a hard truth about traditional business telephone systems: they are not designed with the consumer in mind.

Traditional Telephone Systems Are No Longer Viable

To get to the heart of why VoIP is so beneficial for businesses, you first need to understand why it has taken off so quickly in the first place. Consider the problems that many businesses face with their phone infrastructures. Many struggle with the implementation of telephone systems because of how expensive and time-consuming the up-front process can become, with running wires and potentially even demolishing walls just to get the bones set for your system. Furthermore, it becomes remarkably difficult to make adjustments to this infrastructure over time, especially as your business grows and your workforce becomes larger.

And that’s not even mentioning the inherent restrictions that come from using a service that is rooted in-house. Traditional telephone systems are an outdated solution that can be completely replaced by a more recent innovation: VoIP.

Fewer Up-Front Costs

VoIP uses your Internet connection, a service that you are already paying for. All you have to do is create accounts for your employees, provide them with a device to use for their calls, and have them download an application. Compare this to the lengthy and costly process of running wires all over your office and it’s easy to see why VoIP comes out on top here.

Better Communication Features

How often do you find yourself paying for services that you don’t need when working with your telephone provider? These days, providers will bundle together services that you know you don’t need, but with VoIP, you get exactly what you pay for, plus more. Your traditional telephone system surely isn’t capable of feats such as video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and so on. VoIP can do all of this, plus the tried-and-true features you have come to know and love, like conference calling, call forwarding, voicemail, and so on.

Greater Scalability for Growth

Making changes to an existing infrastructure can be difficult, as you have to add in new endpoints and networking components to make room for such change, assuming you even have room in your office in the first place. With VoIP, it’s just a matter of creating accounts and making sure they have the technology to access the accounts, making for a more scalable experience that accommodates growth.

Implement a VoIP Solution Today

Don’t wait any longer, as every day you put off investing in a VoIP solution is a day you could be leaving money on the table. To learn more about how VoIP service can increase your bottom line and improve your operations, reach out to Excedeo at 619-776-3032.