Get to Where You Want to Go with Technology

Technology enables some amazing things for businesses, but it can influence the way you both look at operations and the way your business functions. Not all businesses have the capital to make these large technology investments. You are far from optionless, though; today we want to discuss some of the better investments you can make in your technology infrastructure, in particular ones that won’t drain your budget.

Technology Improves Operations

Some businesses can be successful without the use of technology, thus leading them to be skeptical about how much time and money can actually be saved by implementing new solutions. You might be surprised by how much technology can influence your policies and procedures for the better. For example, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can help you automate tons of tasks that would normally fall on your staff so they can focus on revenue-generating activities rather than general upkeep.

Speaking of Your Employees…

Your workforce is the biggest beneficiary of your new technology solutions, as your staff can use these new tools to work more efficiently and produce higher-quality work. Businesses that are able to make this change can generate more capital and provide better services and solutions to customers. When you invest in your technology, you invest in your employees. Some younger employees might even refuse to work for companies that can’t keep up with modern technology trends.

The Effect on Your Customers

Your customers expect that your product or service will provide value, but they also expect that you will communicate with them should they need assistance with these products or services. If you can use technology to help make happy customers turn into returning customers, then you can yield considerable returns on your investments in new technology.

Technology Every Business Needs

All that said, there are certain solutions that all businesses can benefit from implementing. Here are a few of them.


There are several ways your business can improve its communications infrastructure. One such way is implementing a Voice over IP system (VoIP). Not only does it utilize your Internet service to effectively replace your phone infrastructure, it also provides plenty of other great features that make communication much easier and more efficient, like instant messaging, video conferencing, and so on.


Providing the right tools for your employees can work wonders for their productivity. Even if you can’t provide state-of-the-art laptops or smartphones for your employees, you can still provide access to tools through the use of the cloud. These types of cloud-based productivity tools are more cost-effective per user, especially compared to the up-front costs associated with deploying a software solution across your entire infrastructure.


With countless phishing attacks making up over 80 percent of the world’s successful cyberattacks, you need to be serious about addressing these issues with your employees and protecting your business. It can take months to discover a data breach, and an ongoing phishing attack could put your business at risk. Thankfully, security researchers and developers have built many great tools to help you protect your business, like antivirus and spam protections. Furthermore, it’s important to train your employees to identify sources of breaches so they can be more cognizant of their role in protecting your business.

We know that investing in technology can be challenging; that’s why we make it easy. Here at Excedeo, we want to help you get the tools you need to be successful and profitable. To learn more about our San Diego Cybersecurity IT Support Service, contact us at 619-724-4768.