How a Managed IT Services Provider in San Diego Can Protect Manufacturers Against Cyber Attacks

managed IT services San DiegoCybersecurity incidents can create significant downtime for a manufacturing business and make it nearly impossible to stay productive. However, partnering with a managed IT services provider in San Diego can play a key role in keeping manufacturers safe against these evolving threats.

Here are a few ways a managed IT service provider can help manufacturing businesses avoid being the next victim of a cyber attack:

1. Educate Employees

One of the best ways for manufacturing organizations to stay proactive is to educate their employees on cybersecurity. A managed IT services provider in San Diego can help employees recognize common phishing scams and other social engineering attacks. Scheduling these education classes on a routine basis is essential, as cybercriminals are always developing new ways to target businesses.

2. Create a Strong Password Policy

Another way a managed IT service provider can protect a manufacturing business is to create a strong password policy. A strong password makes it more difficult for hackers to access confidential information. Enabling two-factor authentication is also important in keeping data safe against cyber threats.

3. Develop a Business Continuity Plan

A cyber attack can strike at any time and cause substantial downtime. Technology plays a vital role during the manufacturing process, and creating a business continuity plan is important in preparing a manufacturing business for a wide range of situations. A managed IT service provider will continually update this plan to ensure a manufacturing business is always well-prepared.

4. Automatic Updates

Software programs are often used during the manufacturing process. Keeping the software programs up to date is critical to IT security. A managed service provider will automatically download these updates, which gives additional protection while also saving employees a lot of time.

5. Stay in Compliance

Maintaining compliance is critical for manufacturing companies. Following the latest IT security guidelines are key to avoiding violations. An IT service provider will ensure a manufacturing business stays up to date with the latest regulations to avoid fines while also protecting its reputation.

A managed IT services provider in San Diego can play a crucial in keeping a manufacturing company well-protected from all types of cyber threats. Excedeo is an IT service provider that focuses on providing the ultimate cybersecurity for a wide range of companies. Our goal is to ensure businesses, including manufacturing businesses, are always safe by keeping downtime to a minimum. Contact us now for more information.