How You Can Benefit with a Hosted Virtual Desktop from an IT Services Provider in San Diego

IT services San DiegoVirtual desktop software provided by an IT services provider in San Diego is an excellent option for many small businesses due to its wide range of benefits. A hosted virtual desktop connects your employees to cloud-storage applications without the need for purchasing new software. Employees can also access this from any location, whether they are working in the office or from home.

Here are a few of the main benefits of using a hosted virtual desktop for your business:


One of the main selling points of using a hosted virtual desktop is that it is accessible from nearly any device. An employee can use a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or other mobile devices to connect to this software. This is especially beneficial for employees that work remotely.


Another benefit of using a hosted virtual desktop from an IT services provider in San Diego is that it saves your business a lot of money over the long-term. You will never have to worry about the cost of replacing outdated software, legacy servers, or purchasing new licenses. You will also not have to pay for any maintenance of using an in-house desktop computer. Over time, these cost savings can quickly add up and improve the bottom line of your business.

Automatic Software Updates

New patches are always being deployed on an ongoing basis. Trying to keep up with these security patches isn’t an easy task for most employees. However, a hosted virtual desktop automatically applies these patches, which improve software performance while also giving you the best protection against cyber threats.

Scalability Options

The needs of a small business are ever-changing and never stays the same for very long. One of the many benefits of using a hosted virtual desktop service is that you can easily add more servers, data storage, or desktops to meet the needs of your company. This added level of flexibility makes it simple to scale your services up or down at any time.

Virtualization will continue to become even more prominent in the workplace due to its many benefits. Excedeo is a company that provides IT services for businesses in San Diego. Our primary goal is to help each company reach their full potential by gaining access to state-of-the-art technology. We offer a wide range of IT solutions, whether you need backup and recovery, help desk support, managed services, VOIP phone systems, and much more. Contact us now to learn more about our IT services.