IT Support in San Diego: Getting the Most Out of VoIP

IT support San Diego

More businesses in San Diego are embracing VoIP systems as part of their IT support. A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system enables enterprises to handle phone calls over the internet. The features of these virtual systems include conferencing, voicemail, fax, caller ID, and IVR queue. The technology is not a reserve for large businesses, as small enterprises can also take advantage of its numerous features. VoIP uses data packets which can be transferred to any device linked to the internet. The benefits of a VoIP phone system include:


Virtual phone systems are recommended by IT support experts in San Diego because they are superior to traditional solutions when it comes to portability. You do not have to move any equipment or reconfigure any system.

Your employees will only need VoIP software or application to access all the features of a desk phone. This feature is especially ideal if there are staff who work remotely. Receiving calls will be as easy as installing a mobile app that rings when a client phones their business line. Your employees can also make business calls through their phones.

You can use this system to allow for some flexibility in the workplace. Business will continue as usual, even if your staff are away from the office.


You have to account for scalability when choosing an IT support provider. VoIP infrastructure will make it easy to add new employees to the phone system as you only need to reconfigure a few settings. You can also establish a new office overnight in any part of the world, complete with the entire roster of business communication capabilities.


Most VoIP systems will run on current office equipment. The required hardware includes a sound card that most computers have and either a microphone or headset and speaker. Some providers will provide VoIP phones at a monthly fee, although the phones are not expensive to buy.

The costs of communicating over VoIP infrastructure are significantly lower than those billed by regular providers. Users only need to be connected to the internet, and they can even talk for free. Some providers have packages that will depend on the size of your firm, budget, and nature of your business.

Easy to Use

The popularity of VoIP systems is attributed to the ease of installation. You do not need the countless wires that characterize traditional telephone systems. When using landline, diagnostic processes can take too long, and most businesses cannot afford to be unavailable to their customers and clients. It is also easy to add components to VoIP systems.

VoIP Has More Features Than Traditional Solutions

VoIP systems are incredibly feature-rich, which is a benefit for any business operating in the dynamics of the digital age. Phone calls can be recorded via the call recording feature, and you can customize the musical interludes that guests listen as they wait to be attended to. Other features include voice mail, ring groups, and conferencing.

Getting Started with VoIP

Installing a VoIP phone system can be a game-changer for businesses in San Diego looking for the best IT support solutions. You do not need a lot of hardware to get started as you can utilize desk phones, laptops, mobile phones, or any other device that can link to the internet. At Excedeo, we will quickly set up the infrastructure using existing company resources and ensure that you have a high-bandwidth capacity to get the most of this technology. Get in touch with us for simple and seamless communication.