IT Support in San Diego: Post COVID-19 Business Continuity Strategy

IT support San DiegoCOVID-19 has been a major storm in the business landscape, sweeping everything in the rubble. Supply chains are dysfunctional and jumbled. Operational efficiency is out of the window, while cybersecurity and productivity have suffered a major blow. With the right IT support in San Diego, you can create and implement a continuity plan that will guarantee business survival and growth.

Start now, get a continuity team together

You need a business continuity team to head and steer the changes that will need to be made post-COVID19. These should be people with the strongest business acumen and in touch with all aspects of the business, from partner relationships to compliance and efficiency debacles.

A steering committee should work in synergy with top leadership (CEOs and the board) towards the new business direction post-COVID 19. CIOs, CFOs, and HRMs are some of the critical people to have in the continuity team. Designate roles and start the evaluation for business processes that need prioritizing in the continuity strategy.

Identify critical processes and tools

You need to evaluate supply chains, payroll processes, and customer support, among others. These are processes that need to be running with consistency and reliability during and after the pandemic. Establish whether the current IT architecture is up to the task or whether changes will need to be made.

COVID-driven changes in the scope of business, delivery models, and work environment will need new IT configurations. An IT support provider in San Diego can be a critical ally in assessing your systems and continuity planning. Continuity may require partial or whole cloud migrations or the implementation of collaboration solutions.

Assess risks and create response strategies

From financial risk to compliance issues and the risk of data breaches, COVID-19 has opened a can of worms. The right business continuity plan should create a clear picture of vulnerabilities with precise response plans in place.

Monitor costs and assess the financial impact of delayed deliveries and intervene with innovative solutions where necessary. Get a clear picture of in-house risks, including data breaches, noncompliance, unfulfilled contracts, and create contingencies.

You may need to create virtual workspaces to leverage managed security on the cloud and reduce costs. You may need to switch to third-party suppliers and renegotiate loan and contract terms.

Communicate with all stakeholders

Your post-COVID 19 business continuity plan may involve major changes in your business models and processes. You need the buy-in from employees, the board, investors, suppliers, creditors, and partners.
Have a communication strategy that involves clear and transparent messaging across all channels. Your customers should be notified of changes or disruptions in service/product delivery during your continuity plan rollout. Employees should be informed on how their roles might change and so forth.

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