Managed IT Services in San Diego: An Inside Look at the Threat of Fake Zoom Downloaders

managed IT services San DiegoCountless people are working from home amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This trend is likely to continue as companies embrace the newfound shift away from the office. Working from home reduces overhead costs and, in some cases, boosts efficiency. However, working from home poses significant IT threats. One such threat our managed IT services team in San Diego is particularly worried about is the fake Zoom downloaders.

About the Zoom Downloaders Threat

Workers and everyday people across the globe are interfacing through screens now that social distancing is encouraged as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Zoom has emerged as a particularly popular videoconferencing service as it has a bevy of features, a solid user experience design and a catchy name. However, hackers are exploiting Zoom through Zoom “bombing” in which they enter video conferences, interjecting offensive comments and images. Downloaders from Zoom have also emerged as a major problem. In short, Zoom is rife with considerable security risks.

Zoom downloaders are used to install myriad forms of malware onto users’ computers. These downloaders are being tracked in-depth by the tech gurus at TrendMicro. It has been determined the RevCode WebMonitor RAT is being used for the downloaders campaign. Our managed IT services team in San Diego can help you avoid this threat in addition to the litany of other web-based threats.

Additional Information About Zoom Downloaders

The TrendMicro researchers referenced above insist the downloaders are not transmitted from the Zoom site’s download center. Rather, these downloaders are transmitted to concealed domains offering the promise of no-cost tools. Therefore, Zoom users and computer users in general should be extra careful when determining which software to download. If the software is not provided through a trusted party, there is a chance it will install something malicious on the phone or computer along with the desired software.

Zoom Downloaders are a Variant of an Existing Digital Attack Method

The use of the poisonous downloaders detailed above is not a breakthrough attack strategy. Cyber miscreants have used such nasty downloaders in the past. These malicious installers discreetly install harmful payloads while simultaneously providing the coveted software. The main difference in the Zoom downloaders is the heightened frequency. This attack is more common than those used in the past.

The number of cyber threats is seemingly endless. Our managed IT services team in San Diego can help you protect your network and computers, improve your company’s efficiency and boost your bottom line. Contact us now to know how we can help protect your business against cyber threats.