Managed IT Services in San Diego: What You Need to Know About 5G

managed IT services San DiegoWhen cell phones first hit the market, first-generation tech, known as 1G, was all the rage. As time has progressed, the next generations of technology have supported even more advanced cell phones. Today, we are on the cusp of the fifth generation of cell phone technology, known as 5G. 5G has been in the works for several years. This seemingly futuristic technology enhances data transfer rates, minimizes lag time and ultimately makes it that much easier for people to communicate across vast distances. Here’s an in-depth look at this amazing new technology as detailed by our managed IT services team in San Diego.

5G Provides Superior Connectivity

Phones reliant upon 5G tech are incredibly fast, provide expanded coverage and a stable connection. The enhanced signal reliability ensures dropped calls and delayed messages do not occur.

The Fast Data Speed We all Covet

Nowadays, fast data speed is essential to satisfying and efficient smartphone use. Tech aficionados insist data speed will spike tenfold with the arrival of 5G. This means the transfer of data, images, and video will occur quite rapidly. In fact, it will likely take a mere minute to download an entire movie.

Enhanced Web Service

Since 5G tech is steadier and faster, the internet will prove that much more efficient. Both businesses and users at home will find their web service vastly exceeds that provided by 4G.

Better Data Access

The number of smartphone owners and applications increases with each passing day. The result is the crowding of spectrum bands. Thanks to the arrival of 5G, additional spectrums are being added to the market, providing even more bandwidth to boost connection speed. This enhanced speed bodes well for your business. Our managed IT services team in San Diego can help you ensure you take full advantage of the latest generation of this technology.

High-Band 5G

The 5G speeds coming our way are tied to channel width as well as the number of channels available. While low band provides minimal channels that are quite narrow, the mid-band variety offers wider channels. High-band 5G is the cream of the crop, providing the fastest possible data transmission for businesses and everyday people. This fifth-generation technology empowers carriers to provide more airwave options than prior generations. In particular, 5G is superior to the rest as the short-range airwaves that did not function with the previous generation are now available.

If you would like to know more about 5G or you have IT-related questions, our managed IT services team in San Diego can help you. From 5G to digital security solutions, networks and beyond, at Excedeo, we have all of your tech challenges covered. Contact us now to learn more about our services and schedule an initial consultation.