2021 Managed Services Pricing For San Diego Businesses

Managed Services Pricing for San Diego

Whether you are a business investigating managed services pricing for San Diego IT service plans to span your entire enterprise, or simply considering your options for an individual service, Excedeo may be the San Diego managed services provider (MSP) for you. We offer a range of managed IT services, and the #1 question we hear from potential clients is: how much does managed IT support cost? This is an important question, as price is a factor in choosing the best IT support provider for your firm. As with most professional service firms, our pricing varies depending on factors such as size of the company, scope, and storage volume. 

What Is A Managed Service Provider?

Managed services, in the context of an information technology support service such as Excedeo, means that a company outsources the responsibilities of maintaining and anticipating the needs of a range of tech processes and functions to a contractor. Hiring an MSP allows a business to streamline operations and reduce expenses such as in-house IT desk support. 

Business owners turn to MSPs every day to proactively manage their small business’ technology. Our remote IT support company offers day-to-day peace of mind with a competitive pricing model.

IT Support Pricing in San Diego

When it comes to managed IT services pricing, there is no such thing as a “one-site-fits-all” menu. With technology being one of the top 3 industries in San Diego, our customer base is quite sophisticated when it comes to pricing for IT support. Hailing from industries as diverse as healthcare, accounting, pharmaceutical, our clients range in size and complexity of projects. Excedeo offers an extensive range of services that can scale up or down to suit an enterprise’s size, which will naturally affect the pricing. In the market as a whole, there tend to be three approximate echelons of IT service contract rates:


this end of the spectrum tends to cover a light array of services, such as monitoring for malign forces tampering with networks or servers. This kind of ‘security guard’ detail gives you an alert in the event of an attempted breach and the option to take remedial action or to pay for the expert themselves to implement a response. If threats to your system are common, or infrastructure is stretched and unfit for purpose, this may not be the most cost-effective solution for your business. You will need to provide other common IT services such as strategic planning, or end-user remote or onsite support, yourself, and hourly rates for consultation services can be exponentially more expensive.


at this point in the spectrum, managed IT specialists will not only monitor for IT concerns, but also prevent and solve problems on their own initiative. Frequently, 24-hour IT support is one of the services provided, as well as IT planning, backup and disaster recovery procedures, strategy and design services, as well as on-site and/or remote support. The service agreement may additionally involve the daily administering of cybersecurity tests to identify loopholes in your company’s security infrastructure, and the implementation of software or even hardware upgrades to address these frailties. Agreements of this scale tend to be priced either per user or per device.


at this end of the managed service provider price range, services generally include cloud systems, and your IT company goes from offering security and ancillary services to encompassing the majority of your IT infrastructure. You pay a monthly fee for usage of the system and their support services.

Pricing Questions To Ask A San Diego Managed Service Provider

If you have narrowed down the list of IT Support Services you are considering, below are helpful questions to ask the candidates:

  • Are you located in or near San Diego?
  • What is your experience in my industry? (example: medical, accounting, etc)
  • As your customer, how many help desk hours per month will my business receive?
  • If I hire additional staff, how will my IT support pricing change?
  • How do I report issues? Is there a support ticket system?
  • Do you charge a separate fee for on-site visits?
  • Do you offer 24/7/365 support?
  • Can you provide client references from businesses of similar sizes?

Based on the answers to these questions, you will be armed with the information you need to select an IT support company that not only offers the pricing you are looking for, but can also be a reliable long-term partner to your San Diego business. 

If you are interested in managed IT services by Excedeo, we encourage you to make an inquiry to receive a quote.