Meeting HIPAA Compliance with the Help of Managed IT Services Providers in San Diego

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It’s becoming increasingly advantageous for businesses to make strategic defensive moves to protect confidential data by outsourcing to managed IT services providers in San Diego. Working with security specialists can prevent headaches now that cybercriminals are becoming too sophisticated for many companies to worry about on their own.

Who Needs Networking Expertise the Most

The companies that need to work closely with IT experts the most are those that must meet HIPAA requirements, such as healthcare organizations because they deal with a high volume of confidential information. One of the challenges to maintaining compliance with these federal privacy regulations is that they keep getting updated. By outsourcing to a high-quality managed IT services team in San Diego, you will be connected with professionals that reliably stay on top of these regulations.

Any online business network, however, is vulnerable to a potential breach by hackers looking for financial information to steal and sell to other criminals. The notorious WannaCry ransomware unleashed in the UK impacted over 20 percent of the nation’s healthcare system, leading to a disruptive slowdown in data exchanging activities. If a system that big and powerful can be breached, so can any business. Furthermore, WannaCry spread throughout the world in a matter of 24 hours across 150 countries, infecting hundreds of thousands of devices.

Important HIPAA Guidelines

The most devastating effects of the WannaCry outbreak lasted for four days in May 2017. While Europe was deeply affected by the attack, the United States managed to minimize the danger and damage due to following this shortlist of HIPAA guidelines:

  • Securing endpoints with malware protection such as antivirus software and firewalls
  • Keeping software updated, which corrects security vulnerabilities with patches
  • Developing a disaster recovery plan is critical for preparedness in case of an attack
  • Training employees to understand the importance of cybersecurity and strong passwords
  • Running security testing for risk analysis to proactively defend against intruders

These basic guidelines are easy to follow when you outsource to the right managed services provider (MSP). An experienced IT team understands each guideline and can help implement each one. They can further monitor your network for threats and back up files on a regular basis. It’s imperative to work with backup servers and use heavy security layers for each machine.


Plenty of good reasons exist for outsourcing to a managed IT services provider in San Diego, especially if you manage a huge database full of confidential data. Get in touch with us at Excedeo to make your business infrastructure as safe as possible.