Our IT Support Team in San Diego Explains How to Eliminate Malware from a Computer

IT support San DiegoMalware presents itself in myriad ways and forms. These nasty digital threats conceal themselves, waiting to wreak havoc on your computers, network and business as a whole. From links to banners, emails and beyond, malware could be anywhere. If you notice your computer runs slowly, your hard drive runs at a high frequency, computer programs launch without you clicking them and pop-up messages arise out of the blue and are hard to eliminate, you likely have malware. Fret not, our IT support team in San Diego is here to help.

Consider Using a Malware Scanner

Your computers should have malware scanners. Conduct a malware scan for its entire duration to identify sources of malware. If the scan does not identify viruses and problems remain, it is time to lean on the professionals for assistance.

Transition to Safe Mode

The initial step to combating malware is to segue to safe mode. Force the computer to restart, access the Troubleshoot menu as the reboot occurs, and you will be on your way to thwarting malware. Click Advanced Settings, Startup Settings, and then restart the machine once again. You can restart your computer in safe mode by simply pressing the number 5. This number press keeps the computer disconnected from the web as it restarts.

It Is Time for Some Cleaning

Now that the computer is no longer connected to the web, your focus should shift to cleaning the compromised systems. Click the Start menu, click the Windows Administrative Tools and click Disk Cleanup. Scroll to the temporary files and click them for deletion. Deleting temporary files hastens the scanning process to identify potential viruses. Deleting the temporary files might even delete the virus in the event that it were programmed to launch in unison with the computer.

Keep Your Guard Up

The number of viruses zeroing in on computers and networks is increasing with each passing day. If your business does not yet have a professional IT support in San Diego at your service along with endpoint protection, it is time to take action. Both are necessary to combat and remove malware. Make a commitment to cybersecurity, remain hyper-aware of the looming threat, and perform a file scan on a weekly basis. Remain vigilant, and you will have done everything in your power to thwart nasty malware from compromising your operations.

Excedeo Is At Your Service!

Our IT support team in San Diego is here to help you handle malware and other technical challenges. Let our crew combat digital threats on your behalf, and you will be able to square your focus on your work. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.