Reasons Why You Need Data Backup from a Managed IT Services Provider in San Diego

managed IT services San DiegoDo you have a provider of managed IT services in San Diego doing your data backups? If not, you might want to think about getting that setup.

Your data is the lifeline of your business. That data contains all of your customers’ names and information. It contains your full inventory of stock. It contains the names and personal information of your employees. You may have proprietary information somewhere in that data. What would happen to your business if it wasn’t there anymore?

Here are five reasons why you should consider having data backups for your business:


Have you ever deleted a file accidentally? That happens to a lot of people. Most of the time, a quick search on the PC’s recycle bin recovers the file. But what if it wasn’t there? If you have incremental backups being taken of your systems, a copy of that file will be available. This type of simple recovery shows why it is so important for daily activities.


Do you work in an industry where you have to keep data for an extended period of time? It might be for tax purposes or due to various regulations. You might have this type of data stored on a backup disk, hidden in a file cabinet. That is not the best idea. You want to have more than one copy of this kind of data, with at least one copy stored off-site. All it would take is a natural disaster to wipe out your single copy.

Competitive Advantage

What happens if a major natural disaster hits your area? In certain industries, the first business to bounce back will have a major competitive advantage. You don’t want to be the business struggling to get the doors back open. Backups mean you can restore your data quickly and gain that competitive edge.

Keeping the Doors Open

Over 40% of businesses that go through a major data loss never open their doors again, and that kind of loss can come from anywhere. An email virus can wipe out a database. A ransomware attack can compromise your data. Even a simple human error can put your business in jeopardy. Backups done by a managed IT services provider in San Diego will allow your business to recover quickly and get those doors back open, even if you have lost some competitive advantage.

Preventing Duplicate Work

Losing a day’s worth of data would set your company back a bit, but you would likely recover. A few days of catch-up and all would be well. But what happens if you lost most of your data? Could you recreate it? Could you keep the doors open while you do it? Backups will help prevent this kind of duplicate work or the need to recreate a database.

Is your data being backed up like it should be? In an ideal world, your data would be backed up automatically throughout the day. It would also be backed up to an off-site location for maximum protection. If your current IT infrastructure does not support this kind of backup scheme, it is time to bring in managed IT services in San Diego. At Excedeo, we can help you get those backups going. Contact us today to learn more.