Signing the Right SLA for IT Support in San Diego

IT support San DiegoWhen you sign a service level agreement (SLA) for IT support in San Diego, you need to make sure you’re clear on the details. That means making sure you get what you pay for. Here are crucial elements to look for in your SLA so that you’re confident it meets your needs.

Why the SLA Matters

The SLA defines your relationship with your IT support provider in San Diego, which affects the quality, agility, and productivity of your business. It can also reflect on your company’s reputation with your market. The last thing you want is to lock into a long-term agreement with a provider that doesn’t deliver what you expect.

SLAs are commonly tailored for specific business technology arrangements. Some SLAs, for example, may include a section on liability protection for the IT firm. An SLA also determines payment plans and services to expect in return. It’s presented by your provider and it’s up to you to decide whether it works for your organization.

Concerns About Services

Several important matters such as the time frame of the term and how services are handled need to be addressed in the agreement. A primary concern should be technical responsibilities. What are the areas in which you need monitoring? Other tasks may include backing up or testing files and applications. The best providers take proactive steps to prioritize security and overall technical performance efficiency for their clients.

Another important concern involves what happens in the event of an emergency. Every organization needs a disaster recovery plan that maps out steps to take in case of a catastrophe like a flood or fire. Knowing there’s a backup plan gives you better confidence you can maintain business continuity during a crisis. You should have a clear idea of the contract on the provider’s response time and how emergencies are reported.

Be sure the SLA includes information about when IT services are available, which is usually 24/7 for high-quality providers. The best scenario is to have constant access to services and use the ones you select when you need them. Some providers offer a wide range of services, while others specialize in certain solutions.

Other considerations to check are technical expertise level and communication skills of the talent. Finally, you should go over the SLA with your attorney.


Before signing with an IT support provider in San Diego, make sure you have thoroughly read the SLA and understand it. Ideally, it’s a win-win deal that leads to a long-term relationship, propelling your business toward profitable margins. Contact us at Excedeo for more information about getting the most value out of service level agreements.