Why Accounting Firms in San Diego Should Outsource Their IT Support

IT support San Diego

Accounting firms in San Diego cannot ignore the competitive benefits that accompany reliable IT support. CPA firms are often the target of ransomware attacks since they store critical financial information for their clients.

Some CPA firms opt to hire an in-house IT team to set up and maintain their IT infrastructure. It is easy for IT departments in CPA firms to be burdened, however, since there are endless protocols and updates in the accounting industry. Smaller firms, on the other hand, do not have the budget to sustain IT experts.

Managed IT services help CPA firms to harness technological advancements for growth, thanks to benefits that include:


Cybersecurity issues continue to threaten CPA firms. Clients trust your company with their financial statements, and they may become victims of identity theft in the event of cyberattacks.

Federal and state regulations also state the security levels that CPA firms need to have to protect their customers. These compliance laws are adjusted annually to address the changing tactics of cybercriminals. IT support providers in San Diego are well-informed of the latest cybersecurity technologies, and they will fortify your systems against malware.

Business Continuity

Downtimes will cause disruptions and frustrations, especially if they occur during critical periods like the tax season. An IT support provider will draft an IT continuity plan for your business that includes data backups and data recovery protocols.

Dedicated IT firms are continually monitoring their clients’ servers and systems, and they will catch problems even before they develop. With 24/7 support, your emergencies will be handled promptly and professionally. The result of such proactive support is an increase in profits.

Keep Up With Technological Updates

Accounting firms cannot resist the allure of automation, thanks to technologies like Artificial intelligence, mobile accounting, cloud computing, and tax software.

Any IT expert in an accounting firm would need to keep up with endless tasks not limited to hardware upgrades, cybersecurity, troubleshooting, data recovery, and network administration. Accounting firms should outsource their IT support since IT firms hire employees who specialize in various technological aspects.

Competitive Advantage

Giant accounting companies have the resources to maintain a highly-dedicated IT department, which locks other firms from cutting-edge technologies. Small companies can obtain expert IT services that larger companies use by outsourcing to an IT support provider.

Save on Costs

Previously, smaller accounting firms had to put up with high costs of hiring an IT expert to fix unforeseen issues. Under a managed service contract, however, you will get billed a monthly subscription fee in exchange for a host of critical IT services. Outsourcing your IT will save you money that you can channel in other areas of your business.


If you run an accounting firm in San Diego, we recommend evaluating the services you will require from an IT support provider. At Excedeo, we will assess your current IT infrastructure and draft a plan to make it more reliable, efficient, and time-saving. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your accounting business through the use of modern IT solutions.