Working with an IT Support Provider in San Diego Can Help You Substantially Reduce Expenses Related to IT

IT support San DiegoAre You Overpaying for Your Technology?

Having IT support in San Diego can be your ticket to tens of thousands of dollars in available budgeting. In all likelihood, especially if you’re using legacy technology, you’re paying more for your tech infrastructure than you really need to. There are businesses running machines that have been in continuous operation since the eighties. The world’s oldest computer started running in 1959, and people are still trying to keep it operational. For history, that’s a worthy exploit. But for a business’s bottom line, the costs of such legacy tech are much higher than associated value.

How to Reduce IT Costs Specifically

It makes sense to reduce expenses through strategic application of known best practices. Consultation through an IT provider can help you find out where you’ve got some technological “fat” on the “meat” of your operation and the best way to cut it off. Three common areas where businesses large and small overpay for technology will be explored here. Look at these suggestions:

1. Find the Right Amount of Servers: The Cloud

IT support providers in San Diego often advise companies to either reduce their existing servers or make the transition to the cloud. Servers which don’t use all available space run fans continuously and suck up electricity like a vacuum. They become more costly than their value. In scenarios like this, data should be consolidated and spread across other servers, and the one with partially used space should be liquidated.

What you save in repair costs as well as electricity will more than cover it. Outsourcing network operations to the cloud will save even more money. You might even be able to downsize pertaining to on-site personnel; a move that will save you $100k or more a year.

2. Stop Overpaying for Your Telephones; Consider VoIP Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) combines the cost of your telephones into the cost of your internet. A VoIP solution doesn’t require you to scale out by adding new physical landlines. You can get a variety of cheap phones that work over the internet and reduce recurring costs in terms of equipment and service subscription fees.

3. Start Compounding Responsibility of Tech Managers Internally; Consider Outsourcing

Flattening out the “surface area” of tech management can be done by making it so internal tech managers are more responsible for IT functionality than high-level management. Outsourced vCIOs (virtual Chief Information Officers) and teams can also be quite effective here.

Doing More and Saving More

Excedeo can help you flatten technology management surface area through consolidated responsibility or outsourced options. Additionally, we can hep you maximize your budget through options like VoIP and the cloud to help reduce tech infrastructure costs. We can also help advise you pertaining to best practices in tech management, and help you identify unnecessary redundancies costing you money. For more information, get in touch with our IT support team in San Diego.