Cybersecurity News: Healthcare Cybersecurity in 2022

The new year brings new updates and challenges for healthcare cybersecurity in 2022. Some areas of focus are the implementationCybersecurity News: Healthcare Cybersecurity in 2022 of AI systems in healthcare, as well as an increased focus on medical devices. Emerging regulations and cloud computing services are being employed to combat the changing cybersecurity landscape. Experts advise monitoring diligently to track changes and trends.

Healthcare IT News Recaps Biggest Mergers of 2021

Healthcare IT news recapped the biggest healthcare IT mergers and acquisitions of 2021. Experts hope that the ripples of these acquisitions will bring positive innovations in the new year. One of the most notable highlights was Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner for $28.3 billion — Oracle’s biggest acquisition ever. Leaders in the acquisition recommend monitoring the progress to see what the new arrangement implies. Another event of note is Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance Communications. Both mergers establish a trend of big tech companies investing in the future of healthcare technology and its AI capabilities.

The Hacker News Reviews Ransomware Attacks on Medical Devices

An overview of IT connected healthcare devices was posted by The Hacker News this week. The review recaps IoMT ecosystems and the requirements (or lack thereof) to keep them secure from both large syndicates and everyday ransomware attacks. New measures are being taken to ensure that medical devices are able to be updated to respond to evolving threats. New security measures in the cloud could help to combat breaches. Overall, Hacker News reminds users that an entire ecosystem, from the manufacturers to the end-users, make up a device’s cybersecurity, and breaches will be attributed to the healthcare institution and not necessarily the cloud providers.

Health IT Security Predicts Trends for Healthcare Cybersecurity in 2022

Health IT Security made its predictions for both threats and solutions for the upcoming year. Regarding threat actors, they predict a rise in API system attacks as interoperability becomes a bigger priority for software and medical devices. They also predict that malicious parties will continue human-based attacks, with the addition of a greater focus on supply-chain attacks.

Already, new legislation is being passed to regulate and monitor healthcare security. Health IT Security predicts that new methods of evaluating security will be implemented. While cybersecurity efforts must double in order to meet the security demands, experts predict that the current workforce shortage will put a damper on the necessary growth that must occur.

Finding a Managed IT Service for Your Healthcare Organization

A good managed IT service provider keeps its nose to the ground for cybersecurity trends and updates. As evaluation standards evolve quickly, having a dedicated team of experts can help keep your healthcare organization prepared for audits. 

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