What Your Organization Can Do About the Log4j Vulnerability

What Your Organization Can Do About the Log4j Vulnerability

In December, The Washington Post reported that the “most serious” security breach ever was unfolding. The vulnerability is a part of Java programming language, and therefore affects millions of users, including the programs of major cloud storage companies and software sellers. Millions of applications and digitally connected devices are also affected.

Experts and programmers around the country have been working countless hours to patch this vulnerability, to the point where it has become a widespread source of frustration and humor. Meanwhile, regular computer users are being asked to keep their devices and applications updated. Organizations should consult their IT providers to ensure that their programs are up-to-date.

What is the Log4j Vulnerability?

Log4j is an open-source software provided by the Apache Software Foundation. Developers use this software to log past activities in the software. Developers recently discovered a bug in which the software could be asked to log a malicious code and then execute it.

The software is common and innocuous, meaning it is incredibly widespread. At the same time, it is simple to exploit, meaning it has a low-level of clearance and experts suspect that thousands, if not millions of attacks have been launched already. Experts liken the discovery of the bug to learning that millions of locks around the world are defective. Hackers still must infiltrate the individual locks, yet, the problem is widespread.

Any systems that run on Java are potentially affected by the Log4j vulnerability. For the individual user, this could include a wide range of software, programs, and connected devices, like televisions and cameras. An organization’s wide range of programs and devices are also affected.

What Should I Do About the Log4j Vulnerability?

Individuals: For individual, everyday users, experts advise not panicking. Maintaining best cybersecurity practices will continue to keep users safe. Updating devices, apps, and software will ensure that patches are applied when developers execute them. Individuals are reminded to never click on suspicious links, and to verify that messages truly come from their providers before interacting with them.

Organizations: Organizations can keep their programs up-to-date by consulting their IT providers. Companies should contact their software vendors to install updates on their programs and devices. Keeping your organization updated can protect the systems before it becomes an emergency.

If an organization does not have an IT provider, a third party managed IT service can remain diligent on cybersecurity news and give your organization the protections it needs. Excedeo’s experts can arm your organization with the tools it needs to remain a leader in the industry.

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