Cybersecurity News: Lawmakers Take Greater Preventative Cybersecurity Measures

Cybersecurity News: Lawmakers Take Greater Preventative Cybersecurity Measures

As cybersecurity concerns grow, both experts and lawmakers have made it a priority to stay diligent on taking preventative cybersecurity measures. While thwarted attempts are higher this year, experts warn that breaches are still on the rise.

This week, experts and lawmakers took measures to address concerns and strengthen cybersecurity nationwide and worldwide.

Congressional House Passes Three Bills to Increase Network Cybersecurity

According to The Hill, Congress passed three bipartisan bills to increase the future of mobile cybersecurity and nationwide literacy. Two bills focused on mobile network security. The Understanding Cybersecurity of Mobile Network Act requires the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to “examine and report on the cybersecurity of mobile service networks and the vulnerability of such networks and mobile devices to cyberattacks and surveillance conducted by adversaries.” The FUTURE Networks Act was passed “to direct the Federal Communications Commission to establish a task force to be known as the 6G Task Force”, and for other purposes.

Meanwhile, the House passed a bill hoping to increase general cybersecurity literacy among the population. The American Cybersecurity Act would require NTIA “to develop and conduct a cybersecurity literacy campaign to increase knowledge and awareness of best practices to reduce cybersecurity risks.”

Proponents hope that these bills will arm the American people with the tools that they need to decrease cyberattacks in the future.

Federal Agents Meet in St. Louis for Annual State of Cyber Conference

According to FOX 2 News, the Annual State of Cyber Conference was held in St. Louis this week, with members of Homeland Security, Secret Service, and the FBI in attendance. This conference gives top professionals in the field an opportunity to “meet with corporations and security directors to talk about the trends and tactics.” The conference focused on the upcoming holiday season, citing that an uptick in crime was predicted, both in brick and mortar and in online stores.

Take Preventative Cybersecurity Measures

Whether you are a business or individual, following cybersecurity best practices is a proven way of taking preventative measures against cybersecurity attacks.

Updates: Keeping software and hardware up to date strengthens the security of your software. Developers will often update their software to include stronger security measures, and hardware should be updated to keep up with the requirements of evolving software.

Avoid Human Error: Human error breaches are still a common and viable method that hackers exploit. Keeping yourself and your organization trained and educated is one of the best preventative cybersecurity measures.

Lock it Down: Keep sensitive information locked down. Use secure servers, and use a VPN when connecting your device to a public server. Keep and share sensitive files through a secure file sharing system, and back up important data. This ensures that hackers cannot access files, and recovery is quicker in the event of a cybersecurity failure.

Passwords and Authentication: Enable two-factor authentication when given the option, and never use the same password twice. Use a password manager to keep your passwords complicated and unique.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

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