Why is IT Security Compliance so Important?

Why is IT Security Compliance so Important?

Every enterprise that interacts with technology at any level has a standard of security that they must meet to protect the information of themselves and the people with whom they interact. For companies that are handling smaller levels of technology, best practices and personal responsibility go a long way. For industries that handle more sensitive information, like credit cards, social security numbers, or personal information, a high standard of IT security compliance is at the forefront of thought.

IT security compliance is more important than ever, as the methods of cyberattacks become more diverse and the instances become more frequent. Each industry is subject to different standards. Consulting an IT service will be the best way to ensure that your industry meets all its standards. 

What is IT Security Compliance?

Different industries require compliance to different standards of cybersecurity. Excedeo specializes in the manufacturing, healthcare, business services and life sciences sectors, therefore our experts have specialties in the related codes of regulation.

HIPAA: The healthcare industry puts extensive focus on compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which protects sensitive patient information.

HITECH: The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act overlaps with HIPAA in some aspects, but differs and provides stronger protections and rights for patients while strengthening criminalization for violations.

PCI: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is crucial for business services and ensures that all entities that handle credit card information may do so securely.

SOC 2: Organizations that handle customer information in the cloud, like cloud service providers or SaaS providers must adhere to Service Organization Control 2, which seeks to protect sensitive customer information.

ITAR: Manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles must adhere to International Traffic in Arms Regulations. These regulations additionally cover related technical data.

Industries have a social and legal duty to their consumers to meet and maintain compliance with their industry standards.

Why is IT Security Compliance Important?

As more industries become increasingly dependent on digital technologies, tightened compliance is more important than ever. Cyberattacks are expected to increase substantially. IT security compliance protects a business from heavy fines and imprisonment, and a well-executed compliance adherence builds trust between an institution and its consumers.

Increase Trustworthiness: Many consumers are well-educated about their individual cybersecurity and will take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. The informed individual is reluctant to trust a company that does not meet their standards of security. Hacks and breaches can sometimes do irreparable damage to a business, especially if it’s a small business. IT security compliance ultimately protects an industry’s bottom line.

Recovery and Continuity: A compliant technological system is more easily recovered, resulting in less downtime in the event of a cybersecurity breach. Downtime is harmful to your industry and your consumers. A well-maintained system lessens the chance of a harmful event shutting your operation down completely.

Seek Expertise to Reach IT Security Compliance

A good managed IT service for your industry will have experts fluent in all relevant regulation codes. IT experts make your business an industry leader in cybersecurity. They’ll keep your systems running smoothly, and walk with you along the way, whether you are new to security assessments, or leaders of your field.

Excedeo’s experts specialize in IT security compliance and will keep your systems running securely, armed with live monitoring and proactive maintenance. We start with a free health assessment of your systems. Sign up for a free assessment and learn how Excedeo can work to prevent your system from attacks. Consider consulting with Excedeo to get the best offer for your company. Take control of the safety of your technology. 

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