Important Details You Need to Know About Cybersecurity

While the rapid evolution of technology over the past several years has surfaced amazing ways to convenience users, there are many side effects that aren’t so positive, including hacking.
It is crucial that your IT partner has a proven track record of properly mitigating the risk of hacking at your San Diego business, as security breaches take place every day. Affecting a wide variety of businesses, the best method for combating cyberattacks is implementing IT software that detects suspicious behavior and immediately alerts you. Once detected, the computer is immediately quarantined to prevent further damage to other devices.

The Threat of Cyberattacks

These days, hackers have adopted creative methods to go about their malicious activity. A well-known and popular hacking technique inside the workplace that you should be aware of is phishing. This occurs when an employee opens an infected email and unintentionally spreads it throughout the entire office. Several forms of malicious software are easily spread and can reside within a device for months before it is detected. As the malware resides as an unwanted virus, it records a variety of data, including keystrokes, screenshots, and important work files. Fortunately, companies that choose to protect their data with IT services are signing up for safety with the latest software updates and improved employee training.

The After Effect

Cybercriminals target customers’ personally identifiable information, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and credit card information. Hackers then proceed to sell these records in underground digital marketplaces.

At Excedeo, we want to ensure your personal and professional data is safe. Here are a few important things to remember when it comes to protecting your data:
1. Recognize that it can happen and preventative steps should be taken, such as never leaving your computer unattended without locking it first.
2. Use uncommon passwords that do not include your name or easy-to-guess information.
3. If you receive a suspicious email containing links, do not open it. It is a common hacking technique to reach out to individuals within a company requesting information.
4. Logging into sensitive accounts, such as banking or shopping, should be done on your personal devices.

How to Combat Hacking

Through our Antivirus Software monitoring and detection, we perform a check to see if definitions are updated every four hours. If definitions fall three days behind or if anti-virus software scanning stops, your Excedeo technical team will connect remotely and update your desktop or laptop. Malwarebytes Anti-Spyware scanning is performed twice a day. The quick scan is performed at noon and the full scan is performed after business hours.

Due to an increase in cybersecurity threats, particularly in healthcare, security and data protection must be at the forefront of everything we do. We keep your systems safe and protect you from malware, hackers and viruses. Contact us today for your cybersecurity needs.

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