Should I upgrade to Windows 11?

Should I upgrade to Windows 11?

The new Microsoft operating system is here in Windows 11. There are a lot of great enhancements such as a fresh look, new multitasking functions, a few performance upgrades, and a Microsoft Teams upgrade. 

When considering the upgrade for you or your whole company, you want to make sure you have made an informed choice. Before you download and install, let’s take a look at what the windows 11 update has to offer. 

What is new about the Windows 11 update?

Right off the bat, the most noticeable upgrade is the visual refresh. The new design is the biggest visual change we have seen in a Microsoft operating system update so far. The six pre-existing theme options are, in our opinion, beautifully designed and have personalizable dark and light features to go with them.

Another big change is that the taskbar is no longer left-aligned, but centered, similar to Apple products and other competitors. Also, a redesigned Start menu offers more functionality without a drastic change. 

Many of us are heavy multitaskers and rely on having many windows open during our workdays. With this new update, you can now have multiple virtual desktops, similar to Macs, that you can swipe between. Snapping multiple windows into place is even easier as well. 

Windows 11 security

With this update comes “Zero Trust,” a higher security system that is manifested in a variety of ways. Microsoft makes it difficult for attackers to get in, but even if they do, they cannot get far. One way Microsoft implements higher security is through higher hardware requirements to upgrade. With this update, Microsoft requires a 64-bit platform and an upgraded TPM (Trusted Platform Module 2.0). 

This update works to pass the status quo of protection that we all need against ransomware and other threats.

The cons of the Windows 11 update

The new start menu also allows you to have new Microsoft widgets as well, but at this time, you are limited to only eleven widgets. They also do not allow any third-party apps for things like music streaming. 

One new feature of the Windows 11 update is the Microsoft Teams chat app. This addition is great in theory for improving communication among team members, but it requires anyone you want to chat with to also have Microsoft Teams. Since iMessage and Facetime are very popular, many won’t switch over to Teams. 

So, is Windows 11 worth it?

As with any big update, it may be a good idea to wait a few months to let Microsoft fix any bugs, or you can test it on a couple of computers before switching over all of your PCs. 

If you are considering Windows 11, consult with Excedeo before upgrading to make sure all of your applications are compatible. Once you are ready to install, our team can create a project plan to upgrade all of your computers.

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