Cybersecurity News: Two Major Data Breaches in October

Ransomware attacks refer to incidents in which cybercriminals hold an individual’s or organization’s data for ransom until they are paid. Two large attacks in October were carried out against US-based Sinclair Broadcast Group and Japanese camera and technology manufacturer Olympus.

Let’s take a look at these two attacks; they both serve as a strong reminder of the importance of cybersecurity for your organization.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group ransomware attack

Sinclair Broadcast Group owns nearly 300 TV stations across the U.S, many of which fell victim to a large attack that was reported on the 16th of October. The cybersecurity breach took down much of their operations. It affected airing time, newscasters’ technology, company computers, commercials, and much more. 

WKRC-TV in Cincinnati is one of the stations that is part of the Sinclair Broadcast Group. The group was shut down during the cyberattack, resulting in anchors doing a segment via Facebook live while the station attempted to recover from the security breach. Bob Herzog, a morning anchor at WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, shared some of the challenges the station was facing via Facebook:

“At first there was no email, no phones,” said Herzog. “The software we use for putting newscasts together was kaput. Only through the Herculean/MacGyver-ish efforts and ingenuity of the many fine people here at Local 12 have we been able to keep putting newscasts on the air.” 

The Olympus ransomware attack

Olympus detected the attack on October 10th. Thus far, the company has released little information about this attack, other than a press release that stated it was contained to the company’s operations in the Americas. 

Olympus is still heavily investigating the cyberattack and is working to better protect its customers. They were also attacked in September as well. 

How should your company respond?

The results of these two breaches were immeasurable. It is important to protect your data with cybersecurity, and Excedeo is ready to protect you against any cyberattack. 

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