Three Must-Haves for Outsourced IT

When considering outsourcing IT it can be difficult to find the right partner. Every company has different needs, but what are the three must-haves in outsourced IT

The three most important things to look for are top-level security protection, advanced scanning & alert monitoring, and compliance knowledge. Let’s unpack these must-haves and discuss their importance.  

Expert Proactive Security Protection

In a world full of cyberattacks, your company needs expert protection. You need an IT company that not only helps you if you’re attacked, but one that is going to proactively eliminate threats before they hurt your organization.

Excedeo proactively protects our clients, beginning with a thorough assessment of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Our methodology includes penetration testing, Backup/Recovery Device (BDR) deployment, content filtering, software management, and more. 

Advanced Scanning & Alert Monitoring

Your data is one of its most valuable assets your business has. If there were to be a data breach, it is important to have advanced scanning and alert monitoring in place. This allows for regular monitoring of threats, so that if one arises it can be eliminated quickly. 

At Excedeo, our use of the latest monitoring systems enables us to quickly identify and terminate any threat to your data.

Compliance Specialist

Your outsourced IT needs to be an expert in HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ITAR policy requirements. Every company will have different requirements and guidelines, and it is imperative to have an IT partner who knows these guidelines and stays on top of any changes to them. 

Excedeo is well-versed in policy requirements, and we help businesses meet and exceed these criteria in order to become leaders in the industry. Our compliance services are scalable and customized to the needs of your organization.

Where to Look for Outsourced IT

While each company has different needs, it is important to prioritize the items discussed here. Doing so will help set up your organization for IT success. 

There’s no need to look further than Excedeo for your IT needs. No matter your needs, Excedeo is prepared to exceed them. If you are considering increasing your security, consult with Excedeo to know what is best for your company. 

Take control of the safety of your technology and contact Excedeo.