What is a Virtual CIO and Do I Need One?

What is a Virtual CIO and Do I Need One?In an increasingly virtual world, the language of technology is the bread and butter of your small to medium business. IT services should be a priority to your organization’s virtual strategy which, in turn, will strengthen your business’s bottom line. On-the-ground expertise is the best way to reap the benefits of an IT provider, and for small businesses, a Virtual CIO, or vCIO, is the ideal solution.

What is a Virtual CIO?

A virtual CIO, or virtual chief information officer, is a part-time personal IT expert that can manage the full gauntlet of your organization’s IT needs. A virtual CIO is contracted through a managed IT service provider. Unlike a traditional IT expert, a virtual CIO has a full time organization backing them, ensuring that personnel keep up with latest trends, compliance laws, and technology instead of relying on their own independent study. A vCIO can assist an organization in making high-level technical decisions.

Reasons to Have a Virtual CIO

Cybersecurity: A good virtual CIO will manage live monitoring for your organization, catching potential weaknesses and addressing them before they turn into breaches. A virtual CIO manages data security as well as individual user security, implementing safeguards such as single-user sign-on and two-step authentication. A virtual CIO will behave as a security and education resource for your organization,  while auditing for compliance. A vCIO is a crucial second set of eyes on your organization’s technology.

Competitive Edge: Organizations are rushing to move everything to the cloud, and having a managed IT plan is the best way to keep your organization ahead of the competition. A virtual CIO builds your business goals by planning ahead. If your organization should lose power for a day, lose connectivity, or otherwise face an adverse event, a vCIO creates a plan that keeps your organization communicating with its customers. Additionally, breaches of technical systems could lead to breaches of customer databases. A virtual CIO protects assets and keeps them out of the hands of competitors.

Cost Efficient Options: A virtual CIO comes with the experience of a full time IT expert without the full time salary, which is ideal for medium to small businesses. Businesses have the option to scale up or down in an instant, depending on their needs. In addition, a vCIO may help to eliminate costs in other areas by identifying which tools a company might be paying for that they do not need.

Education and Resources: A vCIO is a resource specifically focused on your organizations. They are available to train your team in cybersecurity and virtual tools. Many organizations are not aware of all the capabilities of tools already in their holster. A vCIO ensures that your business doesn’t pay for the same tools twice.

Find a Virtual CIO

A vCIO can build a strategy that meets your organization’s goals. Excedeo’s experts provide expert and proactive protections for your technology systems. Find an expert today, and begin building a roadmap for a better business.

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