IT Disaster Recovery for Healthcare Organizations

IT Disaster Recovery for Healthcare OrganizationsRecovery after an adverse cybersecurity event is important for any business, as downtime means lost productivity and revenue. For healthcare organizations, downtime is especially devastating, as individual patients’ health is often jeopardized when a system goes down. Having a reliable IT service is crucial for IT disaster recovery for healthcare organizations.

The Importance of IT Disaster Recovery for Healthcare Organizations

Protecting Records: Patients have a high expectation of privacy when it comes to their medical records. The loss or breach of those records could have catastrophic consequences for medical professionals and medical patients who rely on that history to inform their decisions. Speedy recovery of those records is crucial for continuity of care.

Less Downtime: Organizations that experience breaches often suffer downtime, which is significant for healthcare organizations. Healthcare facilities that experience breaches often find themselves cancelling appointments and redirecting emergency responders. Disaster recovery keeps this downtime to a minimum.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliance: Cybersecurity compliance requires healthcare organizations to have recovery plans. Passing audits can save healthcare organizations from considerable fines.

Trust: Breaches can damage trust in a healthcare organization. The quicker that healthcare organizations can recover and return to business, the better they will be able to regain the trust of their patients. 

Best Practices for Minimizing Downtime

Backup Critical Files Daily: Backing up critical files is the best way to minimize downtime in the case of an emergency. A good cloud software might backup critical files automatically.

Keep Software Up-To-Date: Developers will frequently send updates to increase cybersecurity features. Updating software as soon as updates are available increases security. In the event of a breach, having the most recent update will aid IT servicers in recovering quickly. 

Develop a Plan: Have a system in place and a backup plan ready in the case of a breach. This can help decrease downtime and ensures that processes can transition back to normal smoothly.

How a Managed IT Service Can Help

A third-party managed IT service can be the best tool to quickly recover in the event of a cybersecurity disaster. Excedeo’s experts are well-versed in healthcare systems, as well as HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Our experts can be your emergency resource for your healthcare organization.

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