Cybersecurity News: Healthcare Cybersecurity Faces New Challenges

Cybersecurity News: Healthcare Cybersecurity Faces New Challenges

With hospitals running at a high capacity, healthcare cybersecurity is a priority that may fall between the cracks. Experts, however, warn that the state of healthcare cybersecurity is in critical condition and that the upticks in ransomware attacks are a stark reminder of the importance of IT compliance.  

Ohio Healthcare System Targeted in Server Attack

An Ohio healthcare system in Portsmouth was attacked in mid-November. The attack led to severe downtime, which lasted several days as multiple clinics canceled appointments throughout the week. Ambulances were diverted away from Southern Ohio Medical Center for several days, although the emergency department remained open for non-ambulance emergencies.

This server attack follows another Ohio healthcare system attack months earlier. The Marietta-based Memorial Health System was targeted in a ransomware attack by an unknown group.  The breach was noticed and ambulances were diverted to other emergency systems. Workers resorted to paper systems while the network was down, and non-urgent surgeries and exams were rescheduled.

Experts warn that cybersecurity attacks are becoming more common in the healthcare fields as healthcare work is increasingly done from home, making systems more vulnerable to attacks. While big systems can afford new measures, hospitals with smaller budgets must decide their priorities–and cyber attacks are not often treated as an inevitability. Cybersecurity concerns, however, are not going anywhere. 

Develop a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

Prevention and recovery are the best ways to assure that a healthcare system will be able to continue to serve patients through any adverse event. Healthcare cybersecurity compliance hinges upon the ability to adjust to constantly changing rules. A good managed IT service for your healthcare system will be supported by HIPAA and HITECH experts, and will help to create a prevention and contingency plan that keeps information protected and easily accessible to those in your system.

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