Best Healthcare Cybersecurity Practices 2022

The new year is expecting an increase in the use of informationBest Healthcare Cybersecurity Practices 2022 technology in healthcare organizations. Upcoming trends will play a role in shaping the healthcare cybersecurity landscape. While new technologies offer updated ways to manage your organization’s cybersecurity strategy, tried and true practices are still viable methods for your team.

Upcoming Healthcare Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

Artificial Intelligence: COVID-19 has accelerated the use of AI in healthcare cybersecurity by automating threat detection and error patching. Additionally, AI systems mitigate human error and aid in building HIPAA compliant systems. AIs are able to work around the clock and at speeds that human monitoring alone can not catch.

While AI systems are growing in usefulness and popularity, experts worry about the lack of best practices and compliance surrounding artificial intelligence. AI systems have the potential to be manipulated by hackers. However, with adequate human intelligence, experts predict that AI will be a major player in tightening cybersecurity across all industries, particularly healthcare.

Increased Protection for Medical Devices: Medical devices are no longer just medical devices – they’re advanced and interconnected data analyzers. 2022 is predicted to see an increase in cybersecurity standards for medical devices, both in healthcare organizations and in individual homes.

All stakeholders in medical devices share a responsibility to increase cybersecurity for these devices. As more devices become “smart devices,” the FDA is posed to increase education for individuals using internet connected medical devices. 

Tried and True Best Practices

Staff Education: Experts predict that human-based attacks will still be a favorite of hackers. Education of healthcare teams about best practices will reduce the likelihood of breaches through human phishing attacks. If your organization uses a managed IT service, make sure that they offer education resources for your team, with specialties in cybersecurity and compliance. (If they don’t, consider making a switch.)

Restricted Access: More companies are implementing a zero trust architecture to increase their cybersecurity. This architecture prevents hackers who breach low-level security to infiltrate higher levels of an organization’s security. Regardless of your healthcare organization’s particular structure, it is vital to restrict access and to confirm a user’s identity at every stage.

Evaluation and Planning: When systems are constantly monitored, cyberattacks can be prevented before they’re launched. Evaluating cyber systems for weaknesses and creating plans in the event of an adverse event ensures that potential threats are abated and down times shortened. 

A third-party managed IT service can create a 360° plan for evaluating, planning, and education for your healthcare organization. Excedeo’s experts are well-versed in healthcare systems, as well as HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Our experts can arm your organization with the tools it needs to keep up with 2022 cybersecurity trends.

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