Managed IT Services in San Diego: Why Periodic Security Assessments Are Key to Cybersecurity

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As the number of security breaches continues to soar over the last few years, cybersecurity has become a resolute business risk. As companies adopt cybersecurity risk management, many information security professionals still struggle with identifying and prioritizing cybersecurity-related risks. In most cases, security controls are reactive as opposed to proactive. So, the question becomes, how can your organization know what security controls are needed to protect your information assets if you don’t have a clue about the threats you are facing? Managed IT services experts in San Diego recommend periodic security assessments for the following reasons:

Regulations Keep Changing

Many businesses are subjected to strict government regulations concerning the way they store, process, and safeguard data. Your operating license might depend on how well you secure your customer data. All regulations require periodic security assessments to evaluate your security preparedness, but they vary in scope and timeframe. Since regulations constantly change, you’ll need to adjust your assessment requirements accordingly.

Your Business Keeps Growing

Your business might have grown over the past years and your entire security setup changed. An increased number of employees, extra vendors, and expanded remote access only means that your business is exposed to more sophisticated dangers. Periodic security assessments will help evaluate your password policies and voicemail systems and tighten the loose ends.

Security Patches and Updates are Critical

Software providers release new security patches almost every few weeks, and it’s so easy to fall behind on your updates. Cybercriminals often target businesses that run late since they’re easy pickings. When our managed IT services team in San Diego conducts security assessments on your system, we can look at your history to see if you have a robust patch plan in place and ensure you’re up to date.

Viruses Keep Evolving

Viruses are constantly evolving to get past your anti-virus scans, and when they do, they can cause massive damage in a way you’d never imagine. Cybercriminals are devising more intuitive ways to get you or your employees to open avenues for the virus to infiltrate your system. Our security assessments are not just about ticking a box that you have the latest antivirus in place. It includes identifying areas where you’ve had the most breach attempts and where you’re most vulnerable. This will have a lasting impact on minimizing your security risks.

How to Make Use of the Assessment Results

At Rivery, we don’t just leave you with a long list of vulnerabilities in your system. Our experienced managed IT services team in San Diego will advise on exactly what you need to do, how we can help, and the areas that are of high priority. Moving into the future, security assessments will be smarter, helping you focus on high payoff areas and equipping your employees with the right skills to detect and thwart threats. Contact us now with any questions about security assessment and how we can help your business.